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April/May 2020 TTC

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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Alex i’m really sorry AF arrived. Couple beers and barbecue on a summer night is definitely the way to go though!
No I wasn’t able to go but the spotting stopped mid-morning yesterday so that’s good. I’m heading to the doctor’s office to get a blood test so they can check Hcg levels. I’ll keep you all posted.

4 years ago • Edited

@Alexplpl I'm so sorry AF showed! But glad you had a relaxed evening with your hubby...I'm praying for you in your next cycle
@Agatch - hubby is away for 4-5 months. He should be home by Christmas hopefully!
Pink discharge doesn't sound too concerning, but definitely get checked over!

I got a high reading on my digital OPK today, so I'm on my way to peak! Last month it took 12 days of high readings before I got my peak, but the month before it was only 2 days...fingers crossed it's a shorter one this month
Thinking about using a sperm friendly lubricant this month as a last ditch attempt before I potentially have to put TTC on hold - does anyone have any experiences with this?

4 years ago

@Burkette we have been using Pre-Seed since we started TTC. I think it helps. I was also considering trying soft cups if we hadn't gotten a BFP this month.

4 years ago

Good news abt Pressed as well. Have fun bd.
@Alex glad you had fun with DH. Sorry AF came.
@agatch praying for you and little one
AFM I spotted 2days ago?. Thought it was AF so far nothing. Just waiting on her. Last week before school is back . I got my classroom almost all set up. I just need to finish making my ppts and other stuff. Barely sleeping. Praying for everyone.

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4 years ago

Kait we decided for now not t buy the supplements and just see how the next 3 cycles will go as the doctor suggested. I’m considering though to buy maca and ginseng powder since I’ve read so many good things and positive outcomes and it is in general good for our health not only for fertility. We shall see!
Agatch Hopefully you’ll get back to us with a good update!
Burkette fingers crossed this one last chance will be a lucky one!
Lissa hey! Long time no see! How are you doing?
Lalou glad to hear that you’re almost ready for the new season! Fingers crossed that this coming cycle will be a one with a bfp at the end!

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4 years ago

Hi Alex! I'm good! I'm 6w5d today. Had my first appointment last friday and saw little nugget on screen and even heard the heartbeat! My EDD is April 3rd, 2020. I'm a nervous wreck, but physically not feeling too bad. Just hoping and praying my little nugget is growing strong and healthy and trying to do everything I can to help it along. Every week feels like an eternity.

4 years ago

Just got a call from the doctor’s office and they said the results from my Beta look very good. Now I’m just waiting for my ultrasound on Thursday to make sure the little bean is ok. Thanks again for the support and prayers everyone!

4 years ago

yay agatch! I'm glad it's good news so far!

4 years ago

Just started spotting again

4 years ago

Lissa aw enjoy hun!! This is one of the best periods of your life. Try not to stress too much about it because time flies before you know it. I surely know of course that if I ever get pregnant I might be stressing the whole 9 months lol I’m so happy for you and your little nugget that you both doing good! Don’t forget to stop by once in a while to update us! Is always so motivating

Agatch I’m so glad that your blood results came back good but after you started spotting again I understand that you must be very stressed. I cannot say anything at this point either to calm you down or make you alarmed cuz firstly I’ve never been in this situation and secondly I never researched about spotting during pregnancy but all I can say is that I often read here and in other forums that it’s something that happens and your beta numbers being good is a positive sign I believe! Hopefully the ultrasound tomorrow will show and confirm that everything is going great!

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4 years ago

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