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April/May 2020 TTC

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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@russian I keep thinking about doing the same thing instead of using opks. However, I'm paranoid that the cycle I try it, I'll O late or something and miss it.

4 years ago

Wishing all of you the best for this cycle. Can’t wait to see lots of BFPs!
@Shay sorry AF showed up but glad you’re feeling ok. I have my fingers crossed for you this cycle

4 years ago

@kait if you’re someone like me who has a regular cycle, a normal period, and know you ovulate every month anyway, then giving yourself a break for opks won’t make a difference. I have a 25/26 day cycle and a three day period, so I’m basically doing it every other day from five days after my period, until 9/10 days before my next period is due. I saw a FS for the first time last month, so let’s see how I go. TWW is over on the 10th.

TTC #2

4 years ago

Hi ladies!

Didn't get my BFP last month, unfortunately.
@shay & @scuba, I really thought last month was your month!

Hope we all get our BFPs this month!!! This is cycle #5 for me, and my husband and I have been BD every day since my fertile window. I didn't track ovulation, just went off an app calendar as I didn't want to get too obsessed.

It's 2dpo today and it is my first time looking at a forum. I really tried to stay off cause I don't want to stress myself out or get overly obsessive this month. Hopefully I'll have a chilled out 2ww and just wait to get my BFP whenever the time is right.
It'll happen when it's meant to, I guess!! (but i really hope it's meant to happen this month ;) )

How's everyone else progressing!?

4 years ago • Edited

@russian that is so funny. The addiction is real
Welcome @Moni and Mira as well
@Ana to reply to your post in previous board. It is because you went through all that pain that you can truly appreciate your baby. Also you can be an advocate and support for other people. Your baby name is so cute. She will be born 1day before my baby 2nd birthday. What does her name mean please?

@Emma my sis told me that as well. She started showing earlier with each pregnancy. Muscles are more relaxed now I guess. They know what to do. Almost there too mama. Besides I'm sure you are glowing and stunning.

@scuba I feel your pain. Keep trying mama.

@Shay I love your mindset.

Sorry if I forgot anyone.

My parents are back. My dad saw a doc for his advanced diabetes. I'm less worried now and less stressed. I'm fighting for my health and losing the weight. Will start adding exercise tomorrow. Still could not see any doc. I don t think I'm ovulating at all. I'm CD 22 now but who is counting. Now that I have a broad idea of my schedule I'm going to focus on loosing more weight this month. Hopefully see a doc next month.

Keep up the faith everyone.

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4 years ago

Hi ladies
I’m back from our mini vacations and I thought I should jump on this board too! Currently 10dpo and I’m pretty sure this is not my month for once more! I probably Oed as I said before from my wrong side so really at this point I’m just waiting for AF to come so we can try for next cycle which will be officially the month when hubbys supplements should start working!
Wishing everyone to get their bfps soon!!!

Agatch did you had your first appointment yet?

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4 years ago

@alex hope you enjoyed your vacation! When they thought there was a possibility my right tube was blocked, the OB that did my polyp removal told me that there's still a chance that the unblocked fallopian tube can pick up the egg. It doesn't always alternate perfectly with the ovary that releases. He explained it and it sounded weird to me, but I guess the egg gets released kind of behind the uterus so there's a chance of the opposite tube grabbing it. I think there is always hope for you and I'm optimistic that with the supplements you two will get your baby.

Also feeling optimistic for myself today because my husband FINALLY made his SA appt. There must be pigs flying somewhere....

4 years ago

Here's to hoping. I am impatiently waiting for CD1 to begin. I will be attempting my 1st round of IUI. I have been TTC #2 for 3 yes now unfortunately we have only had loss. 1 single Miscarriage, 2nd miscarriage of twins, and then an eptopic that also caused loss of a tube. Went through evaluations since Jan to see what options are there and hoping to try a few rounds of IUI. Finally good to go and now AF hasn't showed up yet. Just ready for the attempt at this point. Here's to all of waiting for AF/CD1 or already in your TWW ?

4 years ago

Kait yes I’ve heard that too and I had actually asked my doctor who said that “it’s certainly possible if the egg is dropped in the center”... I don’t really know how far “center” is from where normally the egg is dropped though lol
Oh what a great day must be for you! I was over the moon when my hubby did his SA after one year trying to convince him. It gave me a new kind of hope!!! Hopefully all the results will be great!!!

Trying2bemommy Good luck hun! You’ve been through a lot and I hope this cycle you’ll be having your well deserved bfp and a healthy pregnancy!

AFM I’m 11dpo and I did a FRER which I thought I saw something. I keep going back and forth to the bathroom and checking on it and now, hours later there is the faintest of lines. It’s probably and evap by now and I’m pretty sure I’m giving false hopes to myself since all my other signs are telling me that AF is around the corner. Oh well.. few days left and we’ll know. I’m out of tests anyways

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4 years ago

@Alex omg can you post a pic?? That's definitely a bit exciting! xx

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4 years ago

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