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April/May 2020 TTC

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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Omg I’m so overwhelmed with emotions!
Agatch I’m so extremely sad about you! I don’t even know how you must feel and I wish there was something to say that might make you feel a little better. There is not... if you want someone to talk just to take it out of your chest we’re always here for you babe! Take your time to heal and you got ppl here who are always willing to hear you.. I’m so sorry this happened to you again and I really wish doctors can give you some answers! Big hugs babe

Scuba You on the other hand... giiiiirlll! You made it!! I knew that the doctors telling you cannot do it was wrong! And on an unassisted cycle if I’m not mistaken! I’m so happy for you and I knew you will make it soon! I wish you happy and healthy 9 months and please don’t forget us! Come by and say hi and update us once in a while!!!!

Burkette Hopefully the TWW will pass quickly and you’ll be ending with a BFP! It will be such an amazing timing! Fingers crossed!

Girls... I really feel you all as my friends now after so long and I really feel your sadness and your joy! Whoever is reading this just know you got this. Even if you’re full of happiness or full of tears you got this.. this too will pass and you’ll be stronger after this! Good or bad everything comes on our way to give us more experience in this little time we spend calling it life! Try to make it worth and take it all in! Everything that happens is what we will remember 30-40 years as our life!!!

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4 years ago • Edited

Omg scuba yes girl, so over the moon for you super excited for you xx

4 years ago

I so agree with you Alex - talk about mixed emotions.

@agatch - I really feel for you hun, it breaks my heart to read it's another miscarriage..
@Scuba - Yay! Really happy for you!!

A weight got lifted from my shoulders recently. In may I applied for this semesters student loan and grants (don't know if that's the correct word). I got a message that they approved it since I have finished enough courses. So I don't have to worry about that now. As far as our NTNP goes, well I have no idea when I ovulated. My husbands schedule have been really crazy lately and we bded 5 days before I suspect I ovulated. Not feeling that strict about preventing since I found out the internship are from january to march and not at the end of the semester as I first thougt, Even though we are NTNP, I still can't help myself from testing from time to time. I tell myself it's because I want to use up those lousy ICs that just give me evaps.

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4 years ago

@scuba yay! Looks like that cycle of waiting has paid off

4 years ago

Thanks everyone!
Scuba, so happy for you! That’s a great line for 10 dpo!

4 years ago

Hi all!
After many months reading and sharing emotions with you in the "shadow". I actively join this amazing group to say first of all thank you!! You cannot imagine how you help me without even knowing I was reading :)
Before I introduce myself I want to say congratulations @itsanna and today I woke up and read your amazing news @scuba! So happy for you!
@agatch I send you a big huge, I am really sorry :(
I am 38 and TTC for the first baby since July 2018, I got my BFP end of March (close to @itsanna), however I had a missed miscarriage in week 10 We were requested to wait 2 months and finally this cycle we are back! I'm currently 10 DPO and having several symptoms since last week. I am aware it can be due to stress at work (this week was crazy) or my own brain making me feel things! Actually the month I got my BFP I didn't have any symptoms and I was not tracking anything (I delegated my husband the responsibility of keeping me in the mood of BD every 2-3 days without taking any metrics )
Finally, sorry if my English is not perfect! I send all of you a huge hug from Spain

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4 years ago • Edited

@neisamar mucha suerte! Glad you join this amazing group. I agree that everyone here is so wonderfully supportive. It’s been a big help for me especially in hard times like the one I’m going through now. I think English is not a native language for quite a few of us actually! (French for me although I’ve been living in the US for a little while.)

4 years ago

Wow ladies so much going on!!!

First @agatch I am so sorry!!! I can’t imagine the pain and sorrow you are feeling. We are all here for you!!

@scuba I am so excited for you!!! You have been waiting so patiently and totally deserve to see those two lines!!

@pando glad to hear you are NTNP and just enjoying it all!!

@neisamar welcome!!! It is so nice to have everyone here and from all over the world!! Good luck!!

AFM: not much to report. I am on CD12 and just waiting for O to arrive. Only thing I am tracking is my temp to eventually confirm O. Hubby has really enjoyed the schedule of bding every other day or every day if we feel like it lol. School starts Wednesday next week and I just don’t feel prepared or focused. I can feel the stress and anxiety building....just trying to stay calm so it doesn’t postpone O later than it normally is. We shall see!!

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4 years ago

Hi Ladies, I'm still lurking around here occassionally to see how every one is going. Off to read the last few pages.

3rd cycle after our loss and got a positive opk today, BD yesterday and today. I'm trying not to obsess and take it as it comes. We will see I guess.

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4 years ago

Pandorica Hopefully the NTNP plan will work for you! It’s amazing how many times in here we saw that ladies are getting their bfp at cycles when they least expecting it! Fingers crossed!

Neisamar welcome to our little safe place! Don’t worry about your English hun.. I’m not a native speaker either and even tho I often make mistakes no one ever complained and I can communicate perfectly with everyone in here! I hope you won’t be staying long and we’ll see a bfp from you soon!

Shay I really hope you’ll ovulate soon this cycle and without any confusion! The beginning of the new season is more than stressful by itself and while TTC can be hell! Hopefully it will pass easily!

Mistique Good luck! I hope you get your rainbow this cycle!!!

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4 years ago

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