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April/May 2020 TTC

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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Hi again ladies! First, I'm sorry for all of you who have suffered losses. Life is so unfair sometimes.

I'm trying to read through this board to be more aware how's everyone. I've been away for few weeks and have missed pages of your discussion. Trying to find some extra time to be more active here.

AFM. I'm now on my fertile window and I'm not sure when I'm going to O, if at all, but I think it might be today. I've been having horrible cramps today and lots of CM. Decided not to do any OPK's this cycle. Those stress me out little too much. Eventhough those are only way to be sure I ovulate as we don't have any treatments going on. I just hope my antibiotics don't mess this cycle. Last cycle was already rough and it took a lot of mental effort to recover from my disappointment. It's been a rough year so far and I really hoped to finally have something good on our way.

4 years ago

@alex I'm not sure exactly where she's standing with this yet she's got another appointment in 2 weeks to see what's up but with my history I'm fearing the worst... I'd rather be prepared for the worst and have a good outcome that not be prepared at all

She's doing good she's super busy SO always says she's a little fighter when he feels her... I have 13 weeks left then she'll be here I'll post a photo now the bump is forming lol I feel huge now...

4 years ago • Post starter

@alex on a side note maybe not knowing when you ovulating and just having fun with SO could be a good change I'm rooting for you girl !!

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4 years ago • Post starter

Aww Anna your bump is so cute, I had to give in and wear a pair of maternity jeans today 17weeks and feeling huge but I guess this is baby no.9 so my body just jumps into it now

4 years ago

Kait well at this case I hope you won’t ovulate till cd23! It would be a very good surprise if you end up pregnant this cycle so you’ll be having an amazing present for your anniversary

Mira Hi! I wish I could be like you. I could drive myself crazy without opks.. and right now I don’t have any and I’m going crazy! Fingers crossed for you this cycle. Are you planning testing early or wait it out till AF is late?

Anna oh my Goodness you’re a proper pregnant with your belly and all That’s a beautiful round belly but you’re not huge at all! You’re a tiny one with a lovely belly!! I’m so happy for you guys

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4 years ago

@Anna you have such a cute bump

@Alex and @Mira go catch that egg!!

@Emma I think you do tend to show earlier with each pregnancy! I hope all is going well

@Scuba and @Agatch sending you both all my love

AFM I'm 8dpo, not getting excited by any of my symptoms! My boobs are hurting and I've been getting waves of nausea in the evenings over the last few days, also feeling pretty bloated and my digestive system isn't working well at all right now, amongst a few other things!! I'm also getting vivid dreams about being pregnant

It's funny, I never used to get any symptoms in the luteal phase before I started TTC, but since I have been TTC I always get at least 1-2 symptoms.

AF is due next Tuesday, so I'm waiting until then. If it doesn't arrive then I'll test

4 years ago

@alex wouldn't that be nice? I was also thinking that I could find out at my appointment because they usually do a urine sample and test it. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up for any of that. AF always seems to fall near something and I start thinking "what if I find out I'm pregnant that day?". Never happens lol did you get your tests or are you just going to BD for a few days?

4 years ago

Burkette yes I know! Once you ttc then boom! All the symptoms starts to appear lol unfortunately female body is not making us any favors and had decided to give same symptoms for AF and for pregnancy. Just great lol Hopefully you’ll find something to distract yourself till next Tuesday and crossing my fingers that we’ll be having some good news!

Kait I’m thinking same way too. Each cycle I’m like “oh.. if I’m pregnant this month it would fall at.. blah blah blah..” never works for me either lol I guess when we finally get pregnant we’ll see!! Hopefully for you it will be on this anniversary
Unfortunately my tests haven’t arrived so I’ll have to figure it out through bbt and cm. I’m full on the BD train so I’m sure I won’t miss it. I think I’m O today though.. my temp dropped and last night I had super intense O pains. I’ll keep BD till I see a dramatic rise on my bbt.

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4 years ago

Hey ladies
I am 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant and have been feeling nauseous since but yesterday and today i have thrown up . Is it normal for vomiting to start at 10 weeks?

4 years ago • Edited

@emma I think once you've had a baby you start showing faster or at least that's what I've heard other people say I dont know how true it is I'm also wearing a maternity Jean today lol I've been wearing tights mostly and will probably only own one piece of maternity clothing till I have her...

@alex aww thanks babe I appreciate it I cant wait to see your stomach one day !!

@burkette thank you!! Not symptom spotting is hard but you've got this girl!!

@sam totally normal girl I started getting morning sickness at 5 weeks and was throwing up every morning at least twice from about 5.5 weeks to 17 weeks and I still sometimes do

4 years ago • Post starter

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