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April/May 2020 TTC

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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Mrsshah welcome! Hopefully your numbers will keep rising. I’m not sure if it’s a good progression since I personally never been pregnant but what I’ve heard is that is should be double every 2-3 days. Have you talked with your doctor?

Shay it would be a very good change if you ovulated earlier this cycle!! I really believe that your turn is coming very soon!

Scuba oh hun.. I’m so sorry. There’s no much to say. Please stay strong and take care of yourself.

Agatch how are you babe?

AFM my O pains started so I’ expecting O soon! Praying this will be our month

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4 years ago

@scuba I’m so sorry hunny

4 years ago

@scuba noooo! I was so excited for you! I'm so sorry that it didn't stick. Keep your head up!

TTC feels like insanity, but we can't let it make us insane.

4 years ago

Scuba I hope you (and your husband) can be extra generous and kind to yourself in this time.
Alex I’m ok. Thanks for asking. Last time I felt like I was really going through the grieving stages of disbelief, deep sadness, anger and then accepting. But this time there is no real strong emotions.Just feeling a little numb and mildly depressed. We’re at the beach this week so I guess it’s helping a bit. Seeing my 2 kids having so much fun is reminding me how grateful I am to have them! Praying for a BFP for you this cycle.

4 years ago

@agatch I'm glad you're doing okay and you are able to enjoy some beach time with your family. I'm not a very emotional person so I totally get what you mean but feeling it slightly but not strongly and being able to rationalize it a little bit.

DH just texted me and told me the doctor's office called and said his SA was pretty much normal. His PH was slightly out of range but they said there was no reason to do anything about that. Everything else was normal. I'm supposed to have my annual 9/3 so we'll discuss next steps then.

4 years ago

Agatch and Scuba I am so sorry for you ladies. It makes me sad.

Alex I am very hopeful for you this month!! It is definitely your time!!

Kait it is great news that hubby is normal and that isn’t an issue. Hopefully you will figure it all out soon.

AFM: cm has increased a ton the last couple days like it normally does before O. Yesterday and today it was an egg white consistency too!! Been feeling my normal sharp O pains too. This afternoon I even had some light pink/spotting going on. This has happened around O a couple times before. We have Bd the last three days in a row and today. So we definitely have everything covered if this is O!! Trying to just stay positive and hope for the best!! I am only on cd16 so this is definitely and early O for me! Usually takes till cd22 or later!! Glad we decided just to bd as much as we wanted with a minimum of every other day!! Really wanting this to be our month!!

Good luck ladies!!! We got this!!!

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4 years ago

Oh ladies I've come on here this morning hoping for good news but my heart just breaks more

@agatch I'm so so so sorry babe my heart goes out to you and I'm sending you so much love and support I literally want to cry with you from this side

@scuba girl it is unfair and it hurts and no one deserves it I'm here to talk whever you need someone okay my inbox is always open

Things have been rough this side as well... My friend found out that shes pregnant on Friday (after being off the depo shot for 4 months) but we have no idea how far she is we're thinking about 5 weeks eventhough according to period dates it should be 6+ weeks... She went to the OB yesterday but they couldn't find a sack on the screen but her hcg increased so they ruled out miscarriage... I have a slight feeling that it might be ectopic as that was one of the reasons he gave her as well but even with mine I was able to see a sack at 4.5 weeks so we're waiting to see what happens... Good luck to everyone though I'll definitely check in more often

4 years ago • Post starter

@scuba - I'm so sorry hun.

As for me, I'm expecting af to arrive any minute now. Although I barely have any of my regular af symptoms. The only thing that hints that af will be here soon are some pink spotting. But not even the spotting acts like it normally does. Usually it goes from light pink, to brown, to af. So far I only have the pink spotting and have had it for 3 days now. Guess it's just an odd cycle. Got a faint but still clear line this morning that I'm gonna count as an evap until proven otherwise. Despite my body acting weird, I still expect af to show. We "timed" it pretty good as far as NTNP goes, so the chance of me being pregnant are low.

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4 years ago

Agatch Relaxing times on the beach with family sounds great idea to distract you. You’re indeed so blessed having your two children but I know that still doesn’t make it any easier.
Keeping yourself busy and even better spending quality time with the family will make time pass faster and the pain to fade easier! Sending big hugs your way!

Kait what a relief it must be! So happy that everything with your hubbys SA was normal! Hopefully they will give you some answers and a plan so we can see your bfp soon!!! where are you cycle wise now?

Shay sounds like you got all your bases covered Let’s hope this cycle will be your lucky one!!

Anna I’m so sorry about your friend and I understand that now you’re pregnant, you’re more sensitive to everything especially when it comes to a pregnancy, so this must be sad for you too.. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon. A loss is always so unfair..
How your little princess doing? Do we have a bump yet?

Pandorica I saw the pic on your gallery and indeed I can also see the line but as you said not counting it as a positive yet since those test were so bad giving false lines. Still hoping though that this more carefree cycle will give you two true pink lines

AFM I’m pretty sure I’m on my fertile days and I could be ovulating any day but unfortunately I’m out of opks and my order isn’t here yet Hopefully cm and temps will help me figure it out. We on our side doing our best on BDing

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4 years ago

@alex I'm currently CD20. I usually O between CD19-23, but my opks haven't changed yet. I'm kind of hoping O holds off til CD23 otherwise I could get AF before my appt and have to change it. Also 9/4 is our 3rd wedding anniversary and who wants AF to show on their anniversary? I hope your order comes soon! Not having anything to track with is frustrating.

4 years ago

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