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BYOB: Hoping for lots of 2013 Babies!

Hi ladies!

Well, it's that time again! Lets kick things off the same as usual, with an update...

My name is Joy
I am 28, and dh is 29
we've been together almost 10yrs
Got married and bought a house together in 2009
From Canada
I'm currently a housewife, but hope to soon be a stay at home mom

I got pg back in the summer of 2010 then m/c'd at 8 weeks
We ttc for 8 cycles after the m/c, (10 months)
We have a nursery room all set up waiting for baby

I got a BFP on June 30th 2011
Had a missed m/c on Aug 18th 2011
Since then I have been rushed to the hospital 3 times for excessive bleeding (once via ambulance cause I passed out)
I have had 2 emergency D&C's, 2 Folley Ballooons, 3 blood transfusions of 2 bags each, & a Hysteroscopey. (Not to be confused with a "HysterECTAMY")

I Finally got back to TTC in Jan/Feb 2012 and on March 21st I got my BFP!
I am currently about 7 weeks pregnant!
My first ob/gyn apt was Wed April 4th 2012
He put me on progestrone and asked to see me in 2 weeks
My next apt is Thursday April 19th 2012
My due date is Dec 1st 2012!

This is truly an amazing group of ladies & I really hope our string of luck (& bfps) continues!! ladies!


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I can't seem to leave this group, I feel close to you all. So here goes

My name is Nichole, 35 & DH 32
I have 2 boys from previous marriage, and DH has 1 girl, 1 boy from previous relationship.

We had a m/c in March 2011, my first so it was extremely difficult.

After months of ttc, we got a BFP this month. I am very excited but also very nervous don't want another M/C.

I am currently in the beginning stages of starting a cupcake bakery. We live in Birmingham, AL. So I am a true southern girl (meaning, never meet a stranger, & love grits and sweet tea)

I hope y'all don't mind if I stick around.

5 years ago

I'm Jil. I'm 25. Dear fiancé (df) is 28. We've been trying since November 2011. We had a miscarriage in January 2012. We were hoping for a December 2012 baby but now I know we'll have a January 2013 baby.

Df is going for a shot at the end of April that is supposed to help his low sperm count. Last time he had this shot we got a bfp so I know it'll happen again this time. I can't wait.

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5 years ago

Hi Ladies!

I was absent but following most of the last thread but since a new one has started figured this might be a good time to jump back in!

My name is Lindsay and I am 28, DH is 29. Been ttc since summer 2011, got pg in November only to learn 6 weeks in that it was ectopic. Lost my left tube in the surgery and really worried about less chances of getting pg now. Been ttc again for 3 cycles now.

This is really a great thread- and there have been so many s lately! There must be a lot of floating around on here!

Joy- How rude of your friend to announce your pg at the party! You must've been furious. So if you get an u/s on Thursday is it late enough for something to be seen?

AFM I am currently 4dpo, I don't chart temps or cm I just had some bad ov pain and I'm thinking that was O day. Had a little heartburn today which gets me a little excited as that was my early symptom last time, but I'm keeping a cool head as it is so early. 10 days until I test! Wishing to stay away this month!

and to us all in the tww


5 years ago

Joy, you and I must have been on the other board posting at the same time! My post went up just after you announced to switch to this thread!

Anyways my names Alicia, DH is Patrick.
We are both 28. No children, just two fur-babies. Yellow Labs Payton (9) & Diamond (4).
Went off BC in August 2009 we weren't trying, but weren't preventing at all either. I was secretly hoping for an "oopsie" baby. I figured everyone else gets one, why can't I....
Dh and I had "the talk" in March of 2009 and actively started ttc. Slowly got into opk's then temping about October/November of that year.
Had a chemical/hcg "surge" () in January 2012. We thought our miracle had finally come through and let our minds run with it! Ouch!
Finally went to the fertility clinic on January 30th 2012 and a new plan was put into place, bunches of blood work, hsg done & clear. But I was finally told I officially have PCOS on 2.29.12.

Had my first IUI cycle last month, which ended in a .
Trying again this month WITHOUT temping or opk's. Hoping the less I obsess over this all, the quicker I get to my bfp! I am hoping I don't loose my mind without knowing what my temps or opk's should be telling me!

Last thread brought so many BFP's I hope my name is on the next list!!!

Me: Alicia (29) ~ DH: Patrick (29) TTC #1 Since August 2009 with PCOS 1st & 2nd (March & May 2012) IUI Cycles w/ Clomid = BFN's 6/24/12 - 3rd IUI cycle w/ Gonal-F and Lupron. IUI on 7/9. TWINS! Born 2/11/13 Back on the NTNP train as of September 2013 hoping for a boy someday!

5 years ago

hi, everyone im Brittney and DH is Matt

i have 2 children from previous marriage Robert 6 and Hailey 3

i had mirena removed may 2011 started trying after 1st af in june got Dec 2011 had missed miscarrage @ 12 wks 5 days baby died @ 8 wks had d/c Feb 2 2012. Got March 17.

Now 16 dpo and no sign at all af is going to show up

5 years ago

Brittney: it could be your cycle is changing because of your miscarriage. I went from a 21 day cycle to a 32 day cycle after my miscarriage. I sure hope yours is a bfp though. Good luck!!

Afm- does anyone else find waiting for AF to go away and waiting for ovulation is worse than the 2ww? I can't stand waiting! That's all this journey is! Waiting! Hate it hate it hate it!!!

To make matters worse I don't think I have my mothers support any more. She keeps asking me to ask my doc about birth control. I don't think our last convo really made her understand I'm trying for a baby.

I'm just so frustrated with this whole thing! Why can't I be pregnant already!!! Holy fucking sigh!

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5 years ago

New thread already woohoo! I hope this one is as lucky as the last!

My name is Cristine, Cris for short.
I'm going to be 29 in 2 days! My last year in my 20s! Hopefully it's a lucky year.
I've been TTC since November 2010.
Early miscarriage in March 2011.
Since learned that I have cysts on my ovaries, but other than that, I know nothing. I am seeing a specialist on May 2nd.
I've heard good things about him so hopefully he has a plan for me and I can get a BFP very soon after!

Good luck to all those waiting to test!

User Image and and to all!

5 years ago

just got back from work and have the worst heartburn ever

5 years ago

Hello my favs!

My name is Nicole, I'm 32; DH is 35
We have a 2 1/2 yr old DD
I live near Seattle Wa
I had a m/c yrs before dh at 8 or 9 weeks.
I went off the pill in Feb. 2011, started actively ttc w/ bbt, etc in May 2011. Got our bfp in July. Had our 9 1/2 wk appt and everything looked good. Went back in at 12 wks to find out we lost our lil' one around 10 or 11 wks. Had a D&C, but it didn't work so we did multiple round of drugs and finally confirmed m/c was done 4 months later! Since then I've been waiting for a "normal" cycle. Feeling pretty good that this next month we'll be ready to start ttc FINALLY!

Nichole: I didn't realize that was your name!? Same names, except I'm "h"less. And of course you can stick around! All these pg girls give us hope! Sometimes its hard to hear those pg announcements around us but its never tough to hear our fellow CTP
girls announce their bfp!

Jil: I can't wait till df gets his shot! WooHoo! I hope we migrate to CMP in May!

Lindsay! It's been a little bit! Happy to see your name on here again!

Alicia: hoping your obsess"less" month pays off! I'll bet it's nice to take a break from bbt!

Brittney: yay for the worst heartburn ever! That kinda feels odd saying that though?! Yay cause thats a great sign and not for the uncomfort!

Cris: it seems like forever that you've been waiting for this appt! Only a couple more weeks now and hopefully you'll be getting some answers! Or a least a "plan" right!?

Joy: I'm so excited to hear how your appt goes! Are they doing an u/s? I'm sorry your friend spilled the beans on ya. Rude.

Jenn: (reply from other post). Sorry about your cousin. That must be so frustrating! And I do remember your friend regarding the abortion. Hopefully since baby is here, she's all in and ready to be a mom! I really hope you get your Spring bfp soon!

I can't remember the rest of the post from other thread, so sorry if I'm missing anyone!

AFM: the funeral went went; as well as they can. The town I live in is really small and a murder is a pretty unusual thing. It so creepy. I scanning the audience thinking what if the murderer is sitting right here?! Weird thought. At the end we all went outside and each of us had a helium balloon. The Grandkids each wrote letters and drew pictures for their Grandma and they attached them to their balloons and we all released them together. I thought that was pretty sweet. All the Grandkids are really young so they were pretty excited about it. :-)

On a happier note, I went to the beach yesterday with dh and dd and had such a great time! The weather was beautiful!

I'm currently 5 dpo so just waiting for af so I can get on to ttc!


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5 years ago

Hello ladies,

My name is Caren
My dh and I are both 25
From Australia
Currently work as a retail store manager but would love to be a stay at home mum
We have only been married since Aug 2011 but been together for 6 years
We have been ttc for #1 since July 2011.
I have had 2 MC since ttc with dh.

4 days ago I was one of the lucky ones from the last thread that got

Went to the doctors today and they took heaps of blood because she thinks I may be high risk. She is testing the hcg levels as well to check I have my dates right. I am going for my 1st scan in 2 week and I soooo cant wait. I am starting to feel more excited now... It feels real!

Good luck to everyone in the tww for you all


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5 years ago

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