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16 days past ovulation

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niki43  3 years ago
tender breast, slight cramps, bloating,


Lindz877  3 years ago
Think AF just turned up! Very light spotting some cramping tender breasts.


jazmine  3 years ago




Tishwish66  3 years ago
Cramps, tired, insomnia, nausea,


Ericagua74  3 years ago
Bloated, headaches, fatigue, restless, moody, pulling and tugging, and hip and leg cramp vivid dreams when able to t sleep


jamoore3  3 years ago
Feeling very tired, sore/tender nipples, and moody


TatjanaJoy  3 years ago
Have really no symptoms of PG or AF just some blaoating witch is odd usually have intense cramps and sore breasts before AF!


ladysyracuse02  3 years ago
dreams, mild cramps, extra cm, sore teeth, burping


SUNFLOWERGIRL  3 years ago
Worst headache ever


Lithogal  3 years ago
16DPO. found out I was pregnant yesterday. Feeling fine, hardly any symptoms at all. Really excited after months of trying :)


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