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16 days past ovulation

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Chinagirl016  3 years ago
I believe i had implantation bleeding yesterday. Is that normal? Im new to this website and im so lost. On Aug 5th i


mammabear16  3 years ago
light spotting for 4 days. body aches, headache, cervix is high and soft. insomnia


winfred  3 years ago
2days late negative test.had a sleepless night due to extremely bad backache,bloating,cramps and feeling sick




Babyblues9654  3 years ago
2 days late neg test. Woke up with extremely bad backache feels like AF coming and cold sore popped up sooo tired but can't seem to sleep


Gparker2016  3 years ago
Got a positive at 9dpo, now 16dpo, exhausted, feeling nauseous on and off, slight constipation, achey breasts and abdomen muscles x


MizBanana  3 years ago
Sensitive nipples, bloating, pressure in the abdominal area, cramps, fatigue. Taken 2 HPT and both bfn :(


tiggatigga  3 years ago
low back ache , sick this morning bad af pains


shanno85  3 years ago
Missed my period, neg. pregnancy test and no symptoms besides fatigue! So confused! :|


DeebaLovesDaniel  3 years ago
Extremely tired. Hungry.Nauseous HAPPY


MarissaRivas28  3 years ago
bloated emotional vivid dreams light pink discharge


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