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16 days past ovulation

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AshleyH22  3 years ago
Stabbing pain in boobs starting to subside a bit, nausea, fatigue, hungry every 2 hours, thirsty, peeing a lot, moody, bloated


Deneshea  3 years ago
Positive Test this morning!!! Yayyy Baby dust to everyone!


chakra05  3 years ago
16 DPO . Vivid dreams. Bigger boobs. Negative HPT. Since i started exercising my periods late :(




chakra05  3 years ago


trina_c  3 years ago
Vivid dreams. Bloated. Tired.


Ms.CarrTTC  3 years ago
Dizzy spells, cramps, nausea, no af, hot flashes, waiting to test


  3 years ago
occasional cramps, extreme hunger, and night sweats


Guest  4 years ago
1 day late and still no AF and pretty sure the internet cheapies arent working very well


shamaila82  4 years ago
bfn and no sign of period


CrisEffPhD  4 years ago
No period, BFN


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