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TTC December 2019/January 2020 babies

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Good luck ladies I have everything crossed for you !!

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Well ladies morning sickness is in full swing... I woke up feeling sick this morning, had hot chocolate which I threw up and now I tried having oats which isnt staying down either... My friend suggested getting ginger lollies which they sell here but I can't stand ginger and she said coke helped with her morning sickness so I might run to the gym for a bottle in a bit

5 years ago • Post starter

Becky I hope AF stayed away

Mama I think somewhere between day 13-14 you might had your positive opk and just didn’t caught it! Boob and nipple pain is usually a sign that you already have ovulated. I thing the progesterone rising will give you this and it’s starting rising usually after O. For me personally I usually have boob pain on 1dpo hence I know that I Od.

Sbaby it seems is progressing beautifully!! I understand your fear but try to enjoy it!!

Scuba thanks girl! I hope you won’t be joining me soon

Nadia must be so exiting to be able to hear your baby!!
Did you ask your Dr if it might be something wrong? I say don’t torture your mind. If you’re concerned about something you should ask him. Is your body and your baby and you have every right to know especially because stress is not good for the baby!!

Anna I’m so sorry you feeling bad today!! Hang in there girl. Your little angel will be here soon and it’s gonna totally worth it!!! Unfortunately I don’t have any remedies suggestion but I heard that salty food like crackers or something may help. I might be totally wrong though lol sorry I totally suck!

CD2 here today and I feel like shit! Nothing much to say about it more than this lol just waiting to feel better

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5 years ago

@anna sorry to hear morning sickness hit you, but that means it’s a healthy pregnancy. The only things that helped me with morning sickness were carbs, peppermints and fresh air. Hang in there!

5 years ago

@Anna, morning sickness yeyyy!!! we all wish we can have that right now.

@Alex I know, every month is the same with me, I go from Crazy to full on depression lol, but not funny.

@Nadia everything looks great girl!!! relax!!!! enjoy it!!!

@ Scuba, we are not out until it shows up.

My period should have arrived yesterday, Im cramping like before AF and no sore boobs this month.... so Im just waiting

5 years ago

So many new posts since I last wrote. Good luck to those who are ovulating, and also waiting to test. Fingers crossed for a lot of bfp's!

@Anna - Ugh, I remember that morning sickness. I didn't throw up though, but were feeling nauseaus all day. For me, the only thing that helped were over the counter meds for car sickness. It's pretty common to use those here.

As for me, even though I use my monitor I still try not to count cycle days too much. I don't want to be stuck counting days again, which I've been doing for far too long. Ovulation will probably occur in a few days, finally got a high on my monitor instead of only lows.

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5 years ago

@pandorica I'm picking up a bottle of emex syrup after work it's apparently specifically for morning sickness and motion sickness and pregnancy safe so hopefully that works

5 years ago • Post starter

@Anna: I have a phobia of throwing up. I literally have panic attacks when I feel nauseous, and I tried everything when I was pregnant to avoid morning sickness. I never did throw up, thank goodness, although nausea was horrible the first 12-16 weeks. Here are some remedies I tried that I think helped:

-Saltine crackers by the bed, nibble on them as soon as you wake up, before you even get out of bed!
-Eat small and frequently throughout the day, keeping something in my stomach seemed to help.
-Sip ginger ale or the ginger candies, but you don't like ginger... I've heard of sipping on coke helping also.
-Frozen lemonade ice cubes to suck on! LOVED frozen lemonade slushes, worked wonders for me!!
-Sea bands you wear on your wrists seemed to help (for motion sickness but work for morning sickness, too, as they make mama bands, which are the exact same thing)
-Plain white tic tacs to suck on throughout the day helped me
-Sipping chamomile tea (I used ginger and lemon tea but you don't like ginger)
-Spoonful of mustard at the start of feeling nauseous
-Stay away from lunch meat

The hot chocolate was probably a little too heavy when already nauseous. Sometimes saltines are too bland for people, so I also ate Ritz or gold fish crackers. Did the same thing for me. Hope some of these help! Morning sickness sucks the worse, but it'll go away in a few more weeks. Hang in there.

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5 years ago

@crystal seems like most things have ginger in... Ironic lol... I see that if I just sit still and breathe it helps but my job requires me to walk around a lot so I'll defs try the sea bracelet and I'm picking up motion sickness syrup after work as it apparently helps instantly... I'm psyched to be pregnant but I hate having nausea so I need to do something about it lol

5 years ago • Post starter

@Alex shouldn't they be getting lighter now not staying the same if i had already O'd? I'm a POAS addict so I am constantly testing and they've all been the same, tho I don't test before bed so I may have missed it. I'm just so confused. I seem to remember last cycle my boobs didn't start hurting till after I had O'd so hopefully that is what is going on here. I am going to continue to test just because I want to make sure we don't miss this egg and I just can't help myself, ill test until about a week before when I should be getting AF then I will switch to HCG tests. Sorry your not feeling well, hopefully it passes quickly for you.
@Anna so sorry about your morning sickness but like other people said its a sign that this is a healthy pregnancy! I hope you find something to help you feel better! With my first daughter I was so sick and it lasted until I was about 25 weeks! sometimes it feels like nothing will make it better...

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5 years ago

Uk ladies what opk’s do you use ? I have just realised I’m nearly out and gone to order my clinical guard ones but they won’t be stocked in time, I need them delivered in the next couple of days, help ! Xx

5 years ago

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