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TTC December 2019/January 2020 babies

Good luck ladies I have everything crossed for you !!

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Just an update guys!! I went for my official first ultrasound today and this is baby !! We saw the heartbeat as well and due date is now December 1... But I still announced as November 30th as I dont think it'll be a December baby lol

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3 years ago • Post starter

My blood draw came back at 2057 (4weeks 5days)

3 years ago • Post starter

Yay new board! Thanks Anna!

@JL: I use the Premom app myself with OPK's, and just ordered a thermometer to track BBT as well on same app.

@Mamaof2: Right there with you... had a chemical as well... Sorry for your loss.

@Rosie: Hope you catch your early egg, it happens sometimes!

@Becky: They both seem positive to me, it's so hard to tell!!

@Alex: Sounds amazing!! How nice of them to do that for you! Enjoy it!!

AFM: Hubby thinks he wants to try just for a little longer... the info we received on the adoption process intimidated him, I think, which it really is intimidating!! We honestly have our doubts now if we would be allowed to adopt... I am not ready to give up on the idea, even if we decide to adopt later on, it is still something I want to do. But hubby has talked me into TTC#3 a little longer. We stuck through a lot worse to have our first two boys, and was SO worth it... so... hopefully we'll have better luck within these next few cycles!!

Also, I started bleeding and passing clots Saturday, Sunday was a bit lighter, yesterday was light, and today is super light spotting... So day 4 of bleeding and almost stopped already, which is super weird for me. I've always have full 7 day AF and with the chemical I had 5 years ago, I bled almost 2 weeks. Starting OPKs when I get home from work just to see if I'll happen to O early, or O at all this cycle...

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4 years ago

I confirmed my positive with a FRER. Omg, I can’t even believe it! Hoping for a healthy and happy 9 months with a due date of December 17, 2019.

3 years ago • Edited

How we announced today after the ultrasound

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3 years ago • Post starter

Sorry, black screen on last post.

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3 years ago

Yay, thank you & Happy/Health 9 months, @Anna!
AFM O day was yesterday, CD 16 so let the tww begin. BBT increased today as expected to help confirm O. What charting system do you ladies like best? I am using the Premom app.

girl, boy, boy

4 years ago

@emma always babe !!

@JL I didnt chart or took opks but the first month I used CB digital opks I conceived so there's that and I use ovia, glow, countdowntopregnancy and Fertility friend

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Becky my last cycle I peaked 3 times but didn’t ovulate, sometimes it’s your body getting ready and trying to ovulate but no egg gets released so it tries again x

4 years ago

Hey ladies!! I’ll jump in here too since we have a new board!
Thanks Anna for sticking around Give us some of your pregnant vibes I saw your photo on the other thread and you’re so adorable.. I can’t wait to see the progress as the time pass and hopefully we all can compare our bellies

Becky I heard about women who had 2 or 3 surges like Emma said and their body was trying to ovulate. I also heard though that we might have a surge days before period and it’s not actually ovulation related. I hope this is the case for you and you have already caught that egg!

Mama I’m so sorry for your past losses. I really hope you’ll be holding a bfp very very soon without extra help!!

Rosie Good luck! Keep BDing like there’s no tomorrow till you catch that egg lol fingers crossed this will be your month!

AFM ....Me and my hubby we own a Dance Studio in Athens and we are working so hard but we really love our job! 2 days ago our lovely employees knows how hard we are working and surprised us with a present.. they send us for a 2 days vacation in the woods for relaxation, sleep and whatever we like lol I’m currently on an amazing room with fireplace and jacuzzi and I’m not planning to move a finger for the next few days haha.. too bad I’m not on my O days cuz I think we would and could definitely get pregnant here

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4 years ago

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