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TTC MAY/JUNE Babies 2022

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Looks like 200+ pages is the cut off for a discussion. Lmao!!

Praying for baby number 3!

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Hey Everyone,
Just stopping in to say hi! I've been keeping up with this thread from afar and happy to see all of the bfps. To those still ttc I'm sending you all the baby dust! Best of luck this cycle

1 year ago

@southern. How did your scan go? Were you able to find out l hope your daughter gets a little sister. My husband thought I was carrying a boy as well, and when I looked at the 2D3D scan I knew it was a boy as it had a boy face.

@miam. Congrats on your ultrasound. Do you have any names picked out?

AFM.This cycle I didn't take Maca as it made me ovulate late. My husband and I dtd on CD7 and didn't pull out. Today is CD12, I had some blood tinge cm and lots of ewcm. My mind has been all over the place thinking on the "what ifs". We will be fine either way. Could not taking Maca make me ovulate early? What are the chances of having any sperm left 5 days later? Tomorrow (20th) is my birthday and have nothing special planned.

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1 year ago

Dragonfly: yes, we were able to find out! Seems were expecting another little girl! Makes me wish we still had baby stuff from my daughter. But since she's almost 7 obviously we only kept a few keepsake special outfits. Which we left in a storage unit when we moved out of fear the movers might lose or damage the stuff.

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1 year ago

Dragonfly- thanks!! As far as names really have no Idea. Mine and my husbands top two are Brantley or Brooks. Not really sure yet.
We asked my son (he's 4) what his name should be. He replied MEATBALL. my husband and I laughed its kinda fitting because I'm Italian. Im not really sure what his real name will be, but I'm pretty sure meatball is going to stick as his nickname. Lol.

I have no experience with mecca but who knows maybe it will work not taking it. good luck!

Southernmama- oh my goodness such a cute 3d I love it. I know you wanted a boy, but girls are great. Not that I would know I only have nieces and none of my own. #boymom. Sorry you have to start all over again with the baby items. hopefully you guys have lots of friends and family and they can send you some stuff.

Praying for baby number 3!

1 year ago • Post starter

Congrats Southern! I shop a boutique site for my 5 yr daughter and 3 yr son. They carry lots of baby stuff too!
Im 8dpo today and nothing stands out as far symptoms. We will find out within the next week or so to see if AF stays away.

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1 year ago

Haven't been too active lately. I found out that my amh is low. It was 0.96 in July. September at another clinic it was 0.50 and a third time was 0.55... So I've been trying to stay positive. I'm on a gajillion supplements. I've started walking daily. I have a consultation with an ivf clinic in Dec, hoping to try a couple IUI's before that. I was in a dark place for a bit, but I'm feeling better...


1 year ago

Hey everyone just checking in on everyone! Wishing you all a happy holiday season ????????

10 months ago

5dpo today.. Still hoping for a bfp.. My daughter is begging for a little sister

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9 months ago • Edited

Just checking in with everyone. My little is now 9 weeks and I was just curious if anyone else here had gotten any bfp. Hope all of you are well!

6 months ago

Southern. Nope. Af reared her face last night. I'm only going to keep track of my periods. Thinking a trip to the ob might be in order with how it's going for me. Maybe get back on track to even hope for a miracle *shrug*

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5 months ago

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