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TTC March/April Babies 2022

Looks like 200+ pages is the cut off for a discussion. Lmao!!

Praying for baby number 3!

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Trigger warning:

My pregnancy turned out to be ectopic. I had surgery to remove it and the ruptured tube today. We won’t be allowed to try again for 3-6 months.

We now have 3 angels in heaven. Maybe one day I’ll be ready for our 2nd rainbow baby, but for now I am going to take time to focus on healing physically and mentally from this loss.

Wishing everyone good luck & lots of

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9 weeks ago

Cd8 here....been cramping period style cramps today and yesterday...not quite sure what that’s all about! Month 29ttc #2’s been a long haul....*sigh*

12 weeks ago

Miam: I wasn't too worried that I couldn't catch a good picture of it. I barely got a good picture of it yesterday. But it's still there and the same strength as it was yesterday so I'm guessing that's a good sign? I'm going to go ahead and calling these two very very very faint positive. If it stays then there will be something to celebrate if I end up getting my period well at least I know I can at least get pregnant.

8 weeks ago • Edited

Hi gals, I got my bfp last week. After 8 months of trying for #2. I used conception friendly lubricant, clearblue digital ovulation kit with fmu. We had sex the night I got the high fertility result, and in the morning when I got peak fertility two days later. No symptoms other than missed period so far.

TTC #2

6 weeks ago

Miam: weirdly enough I have been less stressed considering I have been prepping and dealing with move stuff. I think it's just maybe luck.

6 weeks ago

Miam: it's gonna suck for awhile but it's gonna be so much fun to live in Hawaii! Here's to hoping I'll be getting my own positive test at the end of the month!

18 days ago

CD 10 here, started using OPK straps to try and pin point ovulation. Not 1000% we are going to start ttc right now but I've got baby fever in a really bad way currently! Any tips or advice on tracking and surviving the two would be greatly appreciated! Or even if someone wants a cycle buddy let me know! I'm on the struggle bus emotionally with how badly I want to have a baby of my own at present!

2 days ago

@amystone- I'm sorry I understand stand ttc for a long period of time too well!

Praying for baby number 3!

12 weeks ago • Post starter

CD 13 and the OPK is almost positive. And of course my husband works, so a quickie is all we have time for. It seems like recently he always works when I ovulate. Thank goodness he has almost the entire summer off (vacation). So if I doesn't get pregnant until then, which I highly doubt, then at least we'll have better changes during summer.

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12 weeks ago

@pandorica - glad you found us..
Dang girl I really feel ya on that. I felt the same way with my hubby. Everytime we should BD I felt like he would stay out late or have an excuse for not wanting to. Its exhausting. Im excited you hubby will be home this summer for you, but hopefully you won't have to wait that long..

AFM- 12 dpo. I haven't had any symptoms like I usually do. Yesterday I woke up and my temp dropped definitely thought I was out. But rose back up again. Just concerned its not high enough. I guess I just have to wait and see. Really praying for a BFP this month. Hubby and I have been TTC for 3 years. Off and on but more on then off. Ugh. I really don't want to go to the doctor.

Praying for baby number 3!

12 weeks ago • Post starter

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