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March/April TT 2020 babies

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Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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@Pandorica sorry to hear that AF is here. Maybe not opk and bbt for next cycle will help...stress free. Fx for this cycle. Do not give up.

@Nadine welcome. Every other day or every 2days will work. A healthy sperm can stay alive up to 5days in the uterus. It only takes that one time. Are using any other methods to track your ovulation?

@Anna how exciting? I am team boy only because my 1st born is a boy ????.

@scuba i went on your page and once i invert and hue the image i can see a vvvfl so fingers crossed mama.

AFM my parents are out of the country and my dad has been very sicked for a while. Dr just diagosed him with very bad diabetes. That is another reason on top of the others, why i have to try harder at being healthy. It has been very emotional and i cried a lot bc i have been so worried abt him. But im glad that at least now they know what he has and he can get treated. Im praying very hard for his healing and protection. Yesterday i slept a lot. I had a nap twice. I don t think it has anything to do with my cycle but then again if it does i have no idea. Just trying to relax and focus on health and having fun with my husband and baby. We are moving in the rental house in a week. Keep up the faith everyone.

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3 years ago

Congrats anna! So happy for you :)

@lalou I just purchased a clear blue ovulation kit today. It came up as negative for ovulation. I’m currently cycle day 18, but I have quite long cycles (34 days). All my apps are telling me that I’m on my fertile range now. I’ll keep testing to see. Hopefully I get a positive soon! I’ve been doing bd every second day since cycle day 10 anyways. But I’m planning to do day before, of and after when I’m at peak fertility. So I’m hoping the tests will tell me that!

Has anyone used the clear blue digital ovulation kits? Are they any good? Cost a fortune!!!

3 years ago

Lalou sorry about your dad. Like you said it’s good to now know how to properly treat him. Take care of yourself and family.
Scuba I can’t wait to see it get darker.

Anna congratulations I know you are really excited. So happy for you and S O.
GOOD LUCK to all ladies TTC and in TWW.


3 years ago

@Nadine i use the same digital OPK. Are you using the one that just measures LH (pink) or both LH and Estrogen (purple)? My advice with either (both) of them is to make sure you test two times a day so you don't miss your peak. I have been using them for a few months and they are very reliable for me.

3 years ago

Anna congrats! A little girl will be so much fun

3 years ago

@Anna - Big congrats!

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3 years ago

Anna I had a girl feeling for you and I'm never right! Congratulations!

3 years ago

My journey of ttc has been a long one...I have been trying for 5 years now with no so much as a chemical pregnancy. I have 2 failed IUIs and several failed clomid rounds..I recently bought the strips and only 3 seemed to work out of the spirits are low and I have given up..I havent even been tracking, havent been taking my vitamins, it doing anything really..
which brings me here and my first thought is early menopause since I will he 42 in two weeks..I'm just scared to test at this point...pray it's a special.birthday present for me...

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3 years ago

@Ana Yay!! So exciting! Congrats! I've loved having a girl as #1
@Pando sorry AF arrived. I hope the break from tracking will help you relax and that it will lead to a BFP
@scuba I see a faint line on the cheapy. Honestly I don't trust faint lines on FRER because they're pretty much never completely blank in my experience but the faint line on the other one looks more convincing to me.
@Lalou sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the diagnosis will allow him to get the treatment he needs to feel better soon
@Nadine sounds like you have a great plan in place. Good luck to you!
@Shanta sorry it's been such a long and disappointing journey for you so far. I hope you finally get good news this month though!
Nothing new on my end. CD 10 and no positive OPK yet which is good news

3 years ago

@lalou I'm sorry to hear about your dad. It must be very hard xxx

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3 years ago

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