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November & December 2019 babies

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Hi ladies

Another month of ttc! Fingers crossed and baby dust!

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Good morning ladies !!

@amarie congrats I'm so excited for you !!

@scuba when are you testing again?

5 years ago • Post starter

@amarie congrats !!! So exciting!
@anna sounds like you have a good doctor. From all the research i’ve done it does sound like folate is the way to go over folic acid but unfortunately not many doctor recommend that. And I agree with him: we’re definitely seeing a BFP from you within 3 months!
Scuba you’re chart looks amazing!
@Alex hope you’re doing well!

5 years ago

@agatch I definately hope so !! I'm on edge with wanting to go get opks but then again I dont want to either lol... I feel like I need to save up this month because I need to take another trip to the city and possibly get meds as well... It sucks not knowing when I'll ovulate but we'll bd every other/everyday anyways... The doctor did say around the 8th or the 9th so I'll go with that

5 years ago • Post starter

Okay no defs going to town to pick up some ovulation tests... I'm only cd11 and I had super strong pinching on my right side so I went to check my cp and it's open and there was a string cm (very light white almost clear colour) on my finger so I'm confused as hell

5 years ago • Post starter

@Anna sounds like O is around the corner! I've tested a few more times since and still negative. Today a slight temp drop too although very high still. I'm sure it's on its way down I think I just have to be positive as I do my blood tests this cycle and hoping days 1-3 fall on Monday as I have the day off. xx

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5 years ago

Hi ladies, I guess I'll transfer to this thread too. CD 13 for me and even though all my body signs tells me ovulation is near, I haven't even gotten a flashing smiley yet. My cm is really super eggwhite. TMI warning! I actually got a string of eggwhite cm that almost made a "touchdown" when I went to the bathroom. So super stretchy! My husband is home and doesn't have to leave for work until saturday afternoon. So we will probably bd every other day the whole week.

@amarie - congrats!

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5 years ago

I’ll transfer here also as my EDD is November 19. That would be a blessing and such an emotional time for me if I conceive this cycle because last November 19 I gave birth to my baby girl but she was born sleeping. I miss her every day. It’s amazing how you fall in love and get attached before holding them in your arms. I’m 8/9 dpo and still being calm this far. I plan to test Friday /Saturday which would be about 12 dpo and thats usually when Ovia suggest I test. I hope we all get our bfp this cycle and have a


5 years ago

@bimini Im really sorry... :( hope this is your months.

Super sore boobs from 7DPO to 11 DPO, today my boobs hurt when I press them and they feel heavy... tomorrow I should be expecting AF, this morning I wiped and something pink shish showed..... what do you think AF or late implantation?

this is making me sick again I just want to be pregnant alreadyyyyyy!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Agatch Hi! I’m doing well and I’m trying to pass by here and check on all of you every day but I just don’t have much to say truly. I’m 10dpo today and other than my normal breast tenderness nothing more. I should get my period today but since I Od later than usual I expect her to be kinda late this cycle. I’m not expecting to be pregnant tbh and I haven’t even tried to test. I hope you are doing well too! Hugs

Anna Sounds like you’re ovulating sooner! I hope it’s a lucky cycle and you’ll get pregnant from the first of the 3 months that doctor told you I’m having everything crossed babe!

Scuba Your temps are indeed so promising. I hope you implanted later and that’s why you were getting negatives.

Emma Good luck! You deserve a baby so much this cycle!

Pandorica Sounds like you’re going to be pleasantly busy the next few days! Good luck!

Bimini I’m so sorry for your loss! I hope you’ll have your rainbow on your arms soon! Good luck!!

Becky I’m having boob pains every single month so I’m not really counting on this as a symptom! I hope though yours is a good indicator. Crossing fingers you wont see af the next few days .

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5 years ago • Edited

@Shay: my OPK's seem lighter in the mornings then darker in the afternoons. But this morning it was as dark as yesterday afternoon's, so hoping it gets even darker today... waiting to peak!
@Anna: sounds like fertile CM, usually means you should O soon
@Pandorica: Welcome back. I am cycle day 12 and no positive OPK yet. Sounds like you're going to have a good month, though, with your hubby being home during fertile days!
@Bimini: So sorry for your loss... I lost my first baby, a son, at 19 weeks and know how hard it is.... really hope this is your month
@Becky: Sounds possible! Have you thought about testing since AF is so close? You should be able to see something on a test by now.

AFM: Still waiting to get a positive OPK, but hubby and I are actually able to BD a lot, so this is our month! Still sick with a bad cold , so hoping it doesn't mess with my O day and blow my chances of conceiving this cycle!! OPK's are slowly getting a bit darker. EWCM showed yesterday afternoon, too. It's such a hectic week between being super busy at work, busy at home, and being sick, so I'm really hoping my body isn't too stressed to O or O late. So... just waiting on a positive OPK!

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5 years ago

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