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November & December 2019 babies

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Hi ladies

Another month of ttc! Fingers crossed and baby dust!

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Seen doc today. My HCG was only 5, so it's almost back to 0, so not suspecting ectopic anymore, just confirmed chemical. Amazed FRER even picked that up!! Should be completely back to normal soon. Thanks ladies!

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5 years ago

So sorry for your loss @Crystals.

Big congrats to @Ana. You brave through everything. I am sincerely very happy for you.

My questions now are who will take over your posting? :-)
AFM: still really busy with internship. Not really ttc ing. Very busy with school. Working on loosing weight and eating better. Hope to get back fully into it by this time next month.

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5 years ago

@mill welcome to the group babe and having fingers crossed for your bfp !!

@JL I THINK hotdamnitsjan is ovulating now so you guys are around the same time!!

@crystal I'm so sorry babe you are going through such a difficult time girl I'm sending you loads of love and I love that you guys are going to adopt it makes my heart so warm !! I cry about these little kids without a home on so many occasions You're such a good soul

@Lawrence once is all you need babe you've got this !!

@jan yes girl get it !! Sometimes things surprise you so maybe this month is it !! I am so hopeful for you !!

5 years ago • Post starter

@Shay your chart is looking good and symptoms are great as well !! I'm so positive this is it for you babe !!

@lalou lol I was thinking of still doing the boards and just hanging around and Alex also asked that I dont disappear lol so I'll continue with them but just not actually be ttc...

5 years ago • Post starter

So quick update for me... Insomnia wasnt that bad last night I didnt actually have to get up to pee so sleeping was easier... Boobs still hurt and nipples decided to join in last night but feeling chilled now... The cramping is still on and off and gets worse if I lay in certain positions which I think contributes to the insomnia... Still super hungry and thirsty all the time but that's it

5 years ago • Post starter

*Me one day pregnant*
"Do you see the bump yet?" Lol

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5 years ago • Post starter

Thank you for your support, ladies I had an emotional breakdown last night after hearing the doctor actually confirm the early miscarriage/chemical... but it just made me even more definite in my decision to stop TTC and adopt.

@Anna: Awww, your first "bump" pic haha, you're too cute!! Try to eat little throughout the day, it should help with hunger and also keeps morning sickness at bay if you keep something in your stomach. It helped me! The cramps are going to last a while as baby gets cozy and well implanted! I'm happy you're staying with us!

And thank you for your words about our decision to discuss adoption. I just feel it will help bring balance to how I see the world, because it just seems so unfair to me at this point... That there are women out there who can have babies but not want them or care for them, and it astounds me; I'll never understand it!! When there are women like us here who love our kids and will love babies we'd be blessed to have, but we have the hardest time conceiving... so in my eyes, since we have so many problems conceiving, it just feels so right to me to adopt one of those kids who didn't get the family and love they deserve. Adopting a child who needs love and a family when we have love and family to give... I'm so excited right now, I honestly can't wait to get the process started!!

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5 years ago • Edited

Anna will you be doing a dec/jan group soon ? I’ll be due end of December beginning of January if we catch this cycle lol x

5 years ago

@Anna!!! you look great!!! no bump yet!!!! lol

5 years ago

@crystal you'll make me cry babe I feel completely the same regarding the adoption thing because it doesnt make sense and if you didnt want kids in the first place why have them (and yes I do understand accidents happen but you still decided to participate in unprotected sex)

@Emma I'll do a board now in a minute

@Becky lol it kinda makes me think about Amy Schumer's new bit on Netflix like "And this is where the bump will be" lol

5 years ago • Post starter

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