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15 days past ovulation

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Dorothy06  1 year ago
Damn hungry and bloated like hell. Blouse is about to torn aprart


Cheryllynn  1 year ago
Hungry, hard rounder stomach,lots of cm,sore breasts,heartburn,headache,body aches,,


Ladyrisq  1 year ago
White bumps appearing round edge of nipples. Hip pain. Positive tests but had trigger injections, will wait till i believe it.




Ladyrisq  1 year ago
Vivid dream last night. Non stop itching back. Tingly nose. Constantly hungry but just ate and now feel sick. Head ache


Stephnc719  1 year ago
Dull head pain, nipples hurt, fatigue, hungry hungry


ladysyracuse02  1 year ago
heache, sore legs adn a little back ache. a little cramp but not too much


Croch17  1 year ago
SO tired. ALL the time. Boobs and nipples are killing me. Gas like you wouldn't believe. Hit and miss nausea. Little crampy, not too bad.


LittlePeanut  1 year ago
Headache, sore breasts, very light crampiness, AF expected tomorrow, and very exhausted.


Kcutter  1 year ago
Nausea, can't eat much, extremely tired but negative test yesterday. 2 days late... very confused!


lusilva27  1 year ago
A little queasy, and tired, also some cramping twinges here and there.


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