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Hi ladies

Another month of ttc! Fingers crossed and baby dust!

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Fingers crossed for you Anna!! I am really hoping this is it for you!!

AFM: still getting flashing smileys definitely annoyed but oh well. Put my temp into the website for tracking and pushed my O day to this last Monday....I don’t think I agree with it though. I am thinking yesterday was O since I had egg white cm all week until today. Either way we bd’Ed enough for either day to be a possibility. I am thinking that if it doesn’t happen this cycle I am not using the digital OPKs again. The last two have had weird dye blotches that I think are messing it up. Who knows though. Hoping for the best either way!!

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5 years ago

Hey ladies
Can anyone explain to me how this table is working? First time using it!
Last period was on the 26/2 and got a positive ovulation test yesterday!

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5 years ago

@sam you're probably ovulating today babe !! Temp takes a dip before ovulation and rises right after ovulation

5 years ago • Post starter

So I just ordered a pack on 10 cheapies !! Should arrive on Monday hopefully so then I'll be testing away till AF comes lol

5 years ago • Post starter

@itsAnna i wish you all the best my prayers are with you!!

5 years ago

Anna my cycles are irregular x

5 years ago

Is anyone else nursing and ttc ? My little one is 2 today and I swear this is a factor into why we have been ttc for 14 months, he’s only having 4ish feeds a day now and has been sleeping through for about 6 months , even with my irregular cycles we have never had all this trouble with getting pregnant so wondering if anyone else has noticed it’s effecting them too ?

5 years ago

I checked out for a bit after AF arrived this month. I wasn’t surprised given our timing BDing last month wasn’t great, but it was still a huge let down. Currently CD 4. Fingers crossed this is our month. I really want a 2019 baby.

5 years ago

@Emma- still nursing my 19 month old and I very much think it's messing with my body a lot more this time around than it did with the other 2. When I mentioned it to my GP last time (I think i had mentioned AF still being irregular and my skin being gross lately) she was kind enough to tell me I was getting older (Im 31) and it was so be expected. So according to her it's pretty normal for nursing to interrupt your body more, the older you get. I conceived #2 while nursing #1, we were NTNP and fell pregnant within 3 months. AF returned and was regular very quickly after my first 2. I definitely think pregnancy and breastfeeding has been a lot harder on my body at 30 than at 21.

@Anna- I LOLed at your friend, I'm surprised that she could do IVF and not realise how it works. For her to get a BFP 5DPT Im guessing she must have had a 4 day embryo transferred, which is more like testing at 9dpo. with testing!!

I'm 9dpo today. No symptoms of a BFP or of AF. I don't feel particularly hopeful and strangely I'm ok with that. I've started back at the gym, and signed up to do some studying, and trying to focus on other things. If it doesn't happen soon, I feel like maybe it's a sign and that's meant to be it for me. Its just not happening for me, and that's harder to deal with for me now, than not trying at all.

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5 years ago • Edited

@Emma I was still nursing when we conceived our son but it was only my second cycle post-partum ( it took 10 months for me to O again after my first baby and even longer the second time). I think nursing can affect TTC in several different ways: definitely hormones but also the amount much energy it takes your body to produce milk can leave little energy for anything else. But it really depends on the person. I have friends who easily breastfed throughout their all pregnancies and even tandem nursed but for me it is so draining for my body that I had to stop nursing my 1st at the end of my first trimester when I was pregnant with #3 because i was losing too much weight.
@Anna I’m wishing really hard to see a picture of a BFP from you next week
to everyone waiting to test

5 years ago

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