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5 days past ovulation

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TTCat40  4 years ago
Feeling cramping for sure. Then a shooting pain down left leg. Very tired for last couple days. I hope this is my month!


r.roque  4 years ago
headache, and tired.


cukygirl  4 years ago
Vivid dreams last 2 days




fi021910  4 years ago
Extremely tired & gassy. Major heartburn. My dreams have been pretty crazy the past two nights too :-/


urlilbrat  4 years ago
full belly, tender boobs, gassy, lazy


MistyK  4 years ago
absolutely nothing! feeling great. I usually cramp after O, up until af. Even if I get bfn. I'm happy I'm not cramping!


Munchkin112  4 years ago
Upset tummy feel like AF is coming headache too.


tiffyb  4 years ago
runny nose, indigestion that turned full blown heartburn and something im confused about..... yellowish tinged ewcm


jasmine88  4 years ago
sore throat


waitingfor1  4 years ago
hungry, nausea, tender boobs on the sides only and bad lower back off and on


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