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TTC December 2019/January 2020 babies

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Good luck ladies I have everything crossed for you !!

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Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts. Unfortunately they confirmed no heartbeat and the growth stopped about 10 days ago

5 years ago

@agatch I'm so so sorry. xxx

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5 years ago

@agatch so sorry that happened! We all feel your pain and wish we could make it right.

My husband and I have been ttc for 10 months. We have had one chemical pregnancy a couple of months ago that threw my cycles off. I should O in the next 1-3 days hopefully. I've been keeping track since December 2018. This month we are trying something new and giving PreSeed a shot. I'm praying that we can catch an egg and have a January 2020 baby which is also my birth month.

5 years ago • Edited

Awh agatch, I'm so sorry. It's heartbreaking, but hang in there.

Shay, have your cycles gotten more regular? I have been in and out so much that I can't remember, but I do remember when you were still waiting for them to regulate after BC.

Alex, everyone has their own journey. You can choose to do or not do whatever you want and I think you are really strong for holding out hope all this time.

For me, I had my HSG today and it was very painful. Somewhat inconclusive too. My left tube is wide open, but they couldn't get fluid through my right tube. There is a polyp nearby that might be blocking it or my tube could have just been in spasm since I was cramping so badly. Now I have a choice, even if the polyp isn't blocking my tube, it could affect implantation so I can choose to have it removed. I would feel better removing it even though I really don't want to undergo another procedure. However, I'm getting really annoyed that my husband hasn't scheduled his SA yet and continues complaining about how uncomfortable it's going to be for him. I literally want to smack him. I told him that I'm not putting myself through anything else if he isn't willing to do anything. If he can't do this, then I'm starting to think I'm just willing to leave the polyp and see what happens because clearly he isn't ready for a baby.

5 years ago

Thanks ladies! I appreciate all the support. I'm now hoping my body will do what it is supposed to do so I can avoid a D&C. I haven't had any bleeding yet so I'm having a hard time processing since my body doesn't seem to have gotten the message.
@kait sorry your husband is not cooperating. I understand how sad and frustrating that can be especially after you just went through a very unpleasant procedure. I hope he schedules his SA soon.

5 years ago

Agatch, thank you. I'm hoping for you too, that your body figures it out. I was in the same spot at 11 weeks with my MMC. Although it had been longer since growth stopped. Maybe your levels will start dropping soon. Not that that's something we wish for, but D&C's are the worst.

5 years ago

Agatch I am so sorry!! That has to be the hardest thing in the world. I am so sorry!

Kait I have been trying to figure out what is causing my cycles to be so irregular still. I went 100+ days with no cycle until taking Provera back in February. That jumped started my cycle and then there was no guarantee that I would ovulate
that cycle. Luckily I did and had a period without needing medication. I was hoping the same would happen again this cycle but it isn’t. No O or sign of O besides cramping. OPKs never got dark and temp has just stayed low. I am worried I will go another crazy amount of time without a cycle and have to do more medication. Just not the way I imagined ttc our first would be like.

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5 years ago

@agatch !! Oh no babe I'm so so sorry to hear this my heart is breaking for you !!

5 years ago • Post starter

Morning ladies!! I've been reading through the thread and my heart is just breaking guys I was so hoping for good news but another month for more positives right!! I hope everyone is doing okay and if not then coping at least New board time? I'll create one in a bit

As for me, nausea still kicking my ass but no other symptoms happening for me... I have my next scan on the 16th of May I should be around 11 to 12 weeks then... I think they do the down syndrome screening and things at 12 weeks but I'm not sure

5 years ago • Post starter

@Ana for me the down syndrome screening was much later. I think 14-16weeks. I am glad you are hanging there.
@Pandorica maybe taking a break will help. That witch....
@Scuba I won t say anything not to jinx it but positive vibes mama
@Kait your DH really needs to get on board for real though....
@agatch oh my Lord i am crying for you mama. I cannot imagine your pain. Take the time to mourn mama. No parent should have to witness the passing of his or her child. I am praying for you to stay strong. I also agree with @kait i had a D&C because of a blighted ovum about 10 years ago and it was worse than childbirth especially since my surgeon did not wait for the anesthesia to kick in before getting in there.
AFM. I am just praying that I don t loose my sanity over all these exams that I have to retake.

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5 years ago

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