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TTC December 2019/January 2020 babies

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Good luck ladies I have everything crossed for you !!

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Today’s opk cycle day 13

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5 years ago

@scuba. I know it’s so hard, but please don’t give up hope. You gave me a pep talk about my age a few months ago and it totally worked. Sending hugs.

I’m 8 dpo and feel different than past months. I’m slightly crampy and have felt a weird itching/tickle in the front of my uterus (if that makes sense). I tested this morning and it was negative.

5 years ago

@Anna what a punk ass move by your coworker, totally not their news to share, even more so when you are having slight complications. I just realized a new thread was created. I hope it's okay I hang around as I really appreciate the support from you lovely ladies.

5 years ago

Is it possible to ovulate without getting a positive opk?? I’ve been getting weird cramps all day and my back is sore. I’ve been testing 2 times a day and been getting the same darkness on my opks for 2 days now. Just curious

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5 years ago

@Emma actually I should have known it was gonna happen but it's the people I thought would spill it that kept quiet and the person I trusted most that didnt...

@mama your opk is really close maybe your body is just getting ready for ovulation? And yeah I don't know he took it away from me

@Lawrence could be a little too early babe hold on and test again you've got this!!

@nadia you're always good with staying around babe And yeah he's an asshole I don't know why I even consider him as one of my friends

5 years ago • Post starter

Temp rise this morning, ovulation pain, ewcm and a negative opk still , what is going on

5 years ago

Good morning ladies,
Still very busy prepping for a national exam on Saturday. After that and my internship ends in 2 weeks I will be fully back.
Yes it is possible to ovulate and no positive opk. Please keep on bd.
@Ana that coworker sucks!! I am so done with him and I don t even work with him lol. Also yes check on your tooth. There are some procedures they don t do to pregnant women so the earliest the better.
@Agatch welcome back
@scuba stay positive it will happen.
AFM ithey tested my progesterone levels the other...i basically advocated for myself and the Dr listened to me. My usual Dr. Is on medical leave. I pray for her and hope that she will be alright. No one would tell me anything. Anyway because my progesterone hormones levels are so low they suspect that since i jave been having my periods post partum for the past y months now it is possible that I have not been ovulating at all. So i am waiting for my periods to come and I will schedule an ultrasound so they can check on my follicles. So please ladies advocate for yourself. If your gut tells you that something is not right, you are probably right.
Praying for all of y all.

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5 years ago

Today's test!

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5 years ago

Lawrence 8DPO is still too early! Fingers crossed you’ll be getting some lines soon!!

Nadia we all enjoy the company here!! The more the merrier :)

Mama it is possible and maybe you missed your surge during a night or something! Keep BDing just to be sure! Good luck!

Lalou hi! Happy you’re coming back soon and I hope it won’t take you too long to conceive. Glad you have already planned your next steps!!

Sam I’m sorry girl I cannot see anything I hope it will be a bfp soon! You’re late right? Do you feel anything unusual?

AFM for once more without being a surprise anymore for me, AF is here No big deal... I cried as usual and had my selfpity moment and back to regular...

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5 years ago

@Anna, please keep up updated

@ Lawrence wait a few more days

@Alex IM really sorry.

Im waiting AF today, my fiancé is so exited to test tomorrow, that he just aded a little bit of pressure to the matter, I really really really really wish this is it!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeee

Love you all!!!!!

5 years ago

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