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November & December 2019 babies

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Hi ladies

Another month of ttc! Fingers crossed and baby dust!

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Talking of apps my Femometer app tried to alter my ovulation day today to this Saturday just gone because of my temp jump, but I got my blazing on the 4th and then negative tests for the rest of the week anyways I’m 8/9 dpo and still hcg testing haha if I get a bfp this cycle do you think it will acceptable to get the gp to do a blood test ? I want a bit more reassurance from what happened last time

5 years ago

@emma totally !! Our GP sends us for blood tests immediately and some do it every second day for a week straight to make sure your hcg levels are rising... Totally get it counted !!

5 years ago • Post starter

Ladies a new thing for me so wanted to ask you all, last night when I was nursing I stood up from my chair to put little one down and I almost fell over, the pain across the front of my womb area felt like I’d tore something haha, I had to lie down till the ache went but I’ve noticed it keep happening today to, could it be implant pain ? I’m around 8/9dpo but I’ve not had a temp dip like I did last cycle although I know we are all different and can have different symptoms I just wanted to know what you think ? X

5 years ago

Hi everyone! I am back and for sure ovulated last cycle, finally after 20 months without a cycle due to breastfeeding. Unfortunately, we missed the egg due to my husband being gone. He is home this cycle and I am currently CD4. Doc says my hormone levels look great and I will likely ovulate again this cycle. I am set to ov around the 24th. Anyone else around CD4 and want a ttc buddy? If so, shoot me a friend request or message.

girl, boy, boy

5 years ago

@Emma - I had a lot of odd pains last month, reminded me of RLP. coughing, standing up and other movements seemed to bring it on mostly. But one hit me while walking and I had to stop till it passed. Totally felt like I had torn across my uterus. AF arrived a few days later sadly. No idea what was going on
that your pain is implantation though!

Around 7dpo for me. No symptoms at all, fully expecting AF to show in the next 3-5 days (still breastfeeding my 1 year old so AF does whatever she wants)

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5 years ago • Edited

Well ladies sorry I have been gone. I had a conference yesterday and had to travel the day before. Congrats to the positives!! And ????for those waiting!!

AFM: still only getting flashing smiley on the digital OPK but the cheap OPKs are getting lighter. It is odd, I have had some cramping/sharp pain on and off plus super egg white cm the last couple days. Happy to be home so we can continue to bd and try. Still low temps so hoping I O soon. Still nervous that my body is just playing tricks on me and I will have to take Provera again to induce a period. This cycle is so difficult to stay relaxed with!! CD19 at this point!

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5 years ago

@emma it could possibly be a symptom babe especially if you didn't have a dip !! Wait a couple of days more and test !!

@JL that's so exciting il sorry you missed the egg last month but its definitely good that you ovulate I'm so excited for you !!

@mistique it sucks when AF is unpredictable... When are you planning on testing? Got my fingers crossed for you

@shay omg no babe I seriously hope that you stop having positives soon lol (not what I usually hope for)... Are you currently PP how long are your cycles?

5 years ago • Post starter

So I think I'm around 4dpo today and to be completely honest I didnt give a damm to track post ovulation this month lol... I woke up with a contracting feeling in my uterus and SO mentioned my boobs are bigger which I feel is post ovulation hormones as it's too soon for pregnancy symptoms... I feel like emma did when you thought AF was gonna show early

5 years ago • Post starter

@Anna, every month I symptom spot from around 7dpo, if breasts are tender and stay tender, then I’m pregnant, if the cervix stays high, if I feel thirsty, if I feel constantly hungry, if I’m emotional at 9dpo, then maybe its a successful cycle.
This month I also symptom spotted, but they subsided as the AF day got closer.
I called in defeat and had a glass of wine, I POAS (cheapie) just to brace myself for the looming AF. But then I saw the faint line. The only thing I can say is that anything before 10/12dpo symptoms, are progesterone related. So you will have symptoms, but it’s not because of HCG. Try not to symptom spot (muuuch easier said than done)

3 ????, 4 failed iui, 3 failed IVF ????

5 years ago

@bunny I'm blowing everything off as progesterone related I'm not even going to be like "omg this is a symptom" because there's explanations for everything happening right now which isnt pregnancy related lol...

I have my second specialist appointment tomorrow where I'll be discussing the possibility of us being pregnant this month and then the best type of birth control if we are not... I fell into a super dark place 2 or 3 days ago where I actually didn't want to be pregnant because of all the things happening in my mind (I'm an over thinker so I over analysed everything) and ended up crying because it's something that I've wanted so long and it's something that I still want and I just realized that because something changed my entire mind set changed but I think it's the thing of not being able to get pregnant or have a successful pregnancy for so long that also got me down

5 years ago • Post starter

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