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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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@scuba @hot those little lines are exciting! Can't wait to see what happens!
@cgml can't wait to hear about some blood work.
@sigkap I'm just starting my tww too! those of you that remember from last board... Guess what! I totally ovulated early! (Dropping caffeine may have helped make my follicular phase shorter?) Anyway, the timing isn't ideal but we last BD'd 36-48 hours before I ovulated I think. So not holding my breath but I'll consider myself in the tww still :)

Hoping to grow our family!

5 years ago • Edited

@scuba - thanks for the reply and fingers crossed for you and a sticky bean!! And so sorry for your ectopic - sounds like we had very similar timelines, though my numbers went down initially (so I knew it was non-viable) before going back up. I'm super worried that it's happened again given the bleeding; it was really a terrible experience. I did get my blood drawn on Friday evening as my obgyn's office would like to monitor closely b/c of the previous ectopic. I haven't gotten the results yet - I just called and the results are "in" but my doctor hasn't reviewed them yet. Though I know I'll just have to go in again today for a second draw and they won't be keen to draw any conclusions one way or another with just one draw.

@Teacherswife - will definitely post when I have definitive blood work results. Hope you get a BFP this month!

I'm so thankful for groups like this, it's comforting to have others who are talking about their experiences.

5 years ago

@Alex i'm 12dpo today.

Eeek Scuba that looks promising!

5 years ago

Back again too! 4 dpo and waiting
@scuba and @hot those are promising little lines! I'm excited! Hope they get dark soon
@cgml I hope blood work shows a healthy pregancy
I'm pretty sure I ovulated last Thursday (got O pain + cervix went from HOS to low and closed) but got EWCM last night Cervix is low and closed still so I really don't think I'm ovulating late. Not sure what's up.

5 years ago • Edited

Thank you, @scuba.chick and @ItsAnna, wishing you both lots of luck this cycle!
The tww was torture for me last time we were ttc & I am sure it will be for this time as well, but I am just so grateful to even be having a tww after waiting 18 months to ov again.

girl, boy, boy

5 years ago

@sigkap and @teacherswife looks like we are tww buddies!

girl, boy, boy

5 years ago

Update: my doctors office called me back (which I missed because I was in a meeting) and just said "there are no further instructions for you at this time. We have scheduled a telephone appointment with your obgyn for FRIDAY to address any concerns." WTH! I didn't even get the HCG test results from last Friday, let alone a second instruction to get another. I tried giving them a call back and it seems like they're closed for the day. Bummed out and extra anxious.

5 years ago

@cgml that's ridiculous!!! Phone first thing in the morning. xx

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5 years ago

Feeling out this month now. I think AF will show up tomorrow or Wednesday. Just want her to hurry up so we can move on to a new month!
Plus if it doesn't happen this month we have to take March and April off because I will be out of town during o time.

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5 years ago

CD8 here. Due date would be Nov 3.
Would love to get a BFP for my birthday this month, I'll be 31 and it would be bub #4 for us.

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5 years ago

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