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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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Another crazy update... So after the intense cramping went away I got a stinging pinching pain right there for a few seconds as well as lower back aches while the stinging lasted... I honestly have no idea what's going on...

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5 years ago • Post starter

@anna is there any chance you ovulated late? Your symptoms sound so much like implantation.

5 years ago

@sam have you tested again today ? Hope you still get your positive x

5 years ago

@Anna: I'm still waiting for AF... AF was due today but nothing so far, but still getting BFN so I'm sure she's around the corner... Hoping she doesn't show for you!
@Pandorica: I'm so sorry AF showed for you... I was really hoping your tests would darken into for sure BFP

AFM: Still awaiting AF, she was due today. She's been early for several previous cycles before TTC and NOW she decides to show late and make me wait to try again next cycle... what a witch-face!! I'll still have a shot at a November baby, though, so I'll still be stalking this thread until AF shows and leaves again... fingers crossed for all of you in the TWW or ovulating!

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5 years ago

@Anna for you.
@emma and pandora it really makes me mad the way your concerns have been dismissed by doctors. I would definitely get other opinions
@Pandorica sorry AF showed up. That really sucks! Hope your doctor will be able to do extensive testing for your concerns about thyroid. Some doctors only test for TSH which is not enough to determine whether you have hypothyroidism or not. You really need to get FT3 and FT4 levels checked, thyroid antibodies, reverse T3. There are a lot of great article online about this but it is shocking how many people don’t get diagnosed because of insufficient testing. Hope you get answers soon and I have my fingers crossed for your next cycle
@Sam hoping for strong positives and positive digitales for you in the next few days
AFM, the witch is finally gone and I think O is supposed to be in 7 days. Still dealing with sick children so I haven’t been getting much sleep the past few days

5 years ago

Morning ladies...

@Lawrence if that is the case then I wouldn't be getting positives now lol but it's possible if I ovulated a couple of days later I dont see why not

@crystal I'm in the same boat babe although AF has been playing with me as well lately... Hopefully she dioesnt show and you get a bfp !!

@agatch I can imagine you're tired I hope your babas feel better soon and that you get your bd on girl !!

5 years ago • Post starter

Update for me... Still negative tests no AF... Woke up this morning with a weird uncomfortable feeling in my pelvic area i dont know how to describe it I'll be checking my cp again today every few hours to see if AF will show her face or not... Cried my eyes out last night after telling SO it was negative he just looked at me and said "Maybe I wasnt meant to be a daddy" and I f*cking broke... Trying so damn hard and now he feels like that... My heart cant deal with it

5 years ago • Post starter

Guys I feel like all of my updates are tmi but I picked up random constipation pains (like butt pains lol I dunno what else to call it) and it feels like I'm bleeding or peeing myself but there's nothing just a constant feeling of things running out of my lady parts lol... I'm so tired I dont know what's going on

5 years ago • Post starter

Crystal I hope AF stays away

Agatch Good luck this cycle Hope your babies get well soon and you’ll have some proper sleep!!

Anna I know at this point is to hard not to symptom spot and we all are so in tune with our bodies it can drive us crazy!! Fingers crossed for you babe that the ugly witch will not show her face and all those symptoms are a little bean inside your tummy

CD14 here and I got a positive opk! Still bding so I’m good on this!! Not very hopeful anymore but who knows

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5 years ago • Edited

@alex I really dont care anymore like I feel like there might still be a chance but then realistically I know that I tested negative so the odds are very low... Honestly I'm just waiting for AF to show now or for me to finally get my positive after waiting

5 years ago • Post starter

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