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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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Nasty evap??? What do you think? Have I developed line eyes again? xx

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5 years ago


That was ALOT to catch up on.

@emma so sorry about your chemical.

@anna you did all you could! Wish my SO would jump on with that enthusiasm. We’re on the other end of the spectrum unfortunately with only one BD the past two cycles.

@scuba I’m still holding out hope for you!

@sam hoping those lines get stronger

Congrats to all others with BFP. Can’t scroll back as I’m typing on my phone to find your names but so excited for you!

And for anyone worried about age, my mom was 40 when I was born and my dad was 47. And honestly none of my friends can believe they’re in their 70s now because they seem like they are in their 50s. They always say I kept them young. My dad still patches the barn roof at 77. So honestly having kids when you’re older might be great for your health!

As for me, I took a short vacation to the beach this weekend, and somehow the relaxation (as well as forgetting my bbt thermometer) made my 2ww very chill. So much so that I totally forgot to check in here. So I stopped temping and took my last pregnancy test Thursday before I left at 11dpo got a BFN and then AF showed today at 15dpo. So out again.

It’s weird though. I was already kind of thinking about taking a break because of due dates around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I’m also just feeling a bit down on myself. I lost 100 pounds in college before I got married and kept most of it off until I got pregnant. But then gained almost all of it back. So I’m way heavier than I want to be when I get pregnant. So may take the next several months to try to lose the weight again, to be at a healthier weight when I do finally conceive. And also, I think maybe my husband will show a little more effort later if I explain that only BD once a cycle is basically pointless for TTC and when he’s ready to be more enthusiastic we can really start trying. Idk. Just what’s going on in my head right now.

Omg I wrote a novel. My apologies. Good luck to everyone still in! I’ll keep checking in as I feel invested in many of you and your future beautiful babies!

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5 years ago • Edited

@Emma I’m really sorry about all of this. I pray you get your heart desire.
@nicole welcome and all the best in your try journey.
&kitkat sounds like what I’ve heard implantation describes as. Fingers crossed for you.
Ladies continue to be positive and I pray it works out for all of us soon!!


5 years ago

Hi ladies, so here’s a update
Been to the gp, I have a uti and my urine is really diluted, maybe it’s my body trying to flush the uti as I’m peeing for England atm ( sorry for tmi) so maybe why my test was light last night and lighter again today but I’m having a blood hcg test tomorrow and will have a definite answer by Friday if I am pregnant or not, still no pain or bleeding so keeping everything crossed but I know I’m might just be glinging on to hope that’s nothing too xx

5 years ago • Edited

@Emma I really hope you’re blood test will show you are pregnant!! Will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed the next few days
@Scuba I see something but it’s hard to say if the line has color from the picture ????
@Hot sorry AF showed up. Hope the next few months brings you what you’re hoping for
@kitkat that could definitely be IB. I never had it for my 2 pregnancies but did when I had my chemical in August.

5 years ago

@Hot: Sorry AF showed, but sounds like you're in a good state of mind and in a good place
@scuba: I definitely can see something faint!
@Emma: That could definitely explain the faint tests not getting any darker, so really hoping you get good news!

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5 years ago

Quick update:: AF due in 2 days and I got a stark white FRER this evening (or as stark white as FRERs get these days...). I'm counting myself out again this cycle and having a glass of wine!

5 years ago • Edited

Okay where to begin lol...

@sucba I'm hoping those evaps turn into colour I need to see a positive from you babe !

@jan we'll see what happens with this cycle but I got my fingers crossed I'm sorry you guys are gonna put ttc on hold for a little while but hopefully when you get back at it you'll do it strong Good luck babe

@emma omg I am so hopeful for you I know being in the situation is terrible and heartbreaking but I so hope those tests come back good and that you'll have your healthy baby

@agatch aww damn babe I'm sorry but have your glass of wine and get one it for next month

@kitkat sounds like implantation bleeding and I've got my finger crossed that it'll lead to a bfp

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As for me I'm 5dpo today and I really want to not test till AF but let's be real lol it's getting bad and I dont know how to keep myself busy. I've also fallen into a pit of sadness because i just want a baby already and i want it so bad but it doesnt seem to happen which is killing me and it's worse knowing I'm in my tww and might get a positive or AF in a week. I'm just super emotional and it's not going so well.

Symptom wise I had what feels like a muscle pinching in my right side to back yesterday which was odd but nothing to really read into as it's too early...

5 years ago • Post starter

Hoping I tested too early....I should've waited til morning, but I got POAS crazy!

Not even a faint line huh? I'll try again in a couple days.

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5 years ago

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