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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Hello again, ladies. Well, slight raise in temp this morn - it's up and down and up again!

Today is CD27 - I'm going to wait until CD30 to test. (this Saturday) No use wasting a test !

Wishing you all the best of luck!

8 years ago

I keep my fingers crossed for you! !!!


8 years ago • Post starter

Good luck and sticky vibes chekai, really hope this is your time lovely

8 years ago

Thanks so much ladies! I'm hoping for you all as well. So, my latest - CD28, another rise in temp this morn, no sign of AF yet, and crazy vivid dreams last night. (although, I've had those type of dreams b4, so that doesn't mean much.)

Am really hoping this time, but not counting on it. Would be a great surprise if I were preggo! Especially since earlier in the month I told DH that there was no chance this month!

Ooops - I'm doing it again - getting my hopes up!

Even if this isn't it, I'm ready for next month - bought the opk already.

So, how are things with all of you ladies ?

8 years ago

Still on my period, don't think my infection is cured so I'm probably going back to that gyneco next week. And this time DH won't be home during my fertile window so I guess we'll take a month off?
All I want is to relax really.
Anyway.. he's coming back tmrw and I think we'll spend a couple of days at my in laws'. Then after he's gone and it's fertile time I want to visit my parents. Spend some time with my family.
So these are my thoughts for this cycle.
Hope he'll be ok with this..
How abt u ladies?
How r things going?

8 years ago

Hiya lovelies, nowt happening with me, dh got his sperm check on 11th April, we will still try naturally this month but not with the Clomid this cycle, his daughter was born xmas day so Id rather not have a child right next to it cos it will cause all sorts of probs but on the other hand of course I wouldnt knock if it happened, I have been very down this cycle and thought the implantation dip and spotting was our miracle really happening, I know stupid but every time I saw a clot I thought is that my baby boy I dreamt off being flushed away, sorry thats really sick but I couldn't help it, Im facing reality now though and getting on with other things, Im 45 nearly 46 and thinking if it happens it will be a miracle but doubting it will
Chekai hope all is ok and your still in with a chance lovely, temps sound good , sorry Queena about timing, aint it a bitch that you only need them one day a month and then they can't be around, hope you get some help with gyno

8 years ago

Oh Chekai I am so excited for you!!! I am trying not to get my hopes up and jinx it for you.

I am now CD10 and just trying to get my mind off of TTC. We are probably out for sure this month which means we are out for this year which makes me and my pocket book very sad :-( My DH thinks he has a hernia and can barely move so definitely no BD for us for a while and its right during prime time :-(

I called my health insurance this week because I had a procedure done last month that wasn't covered and since I was on the phone with them I asked what happens with my insurance if I do get pregnant this year but give birth in January and they confirmed my fears :-( my plan is renewed annually so I have a $3000 out of pocket max that I would have to pay in 2015 for all Dr appointments and 2016 for the actual delivery :-( Part of me is thinking I should just take some time off of TTC. I can't believe that I pay $1200 per month so $14,400 a year to that health insurance company and still have to pay $6600 more. I shouldn't be complaining because I am one of the lucky ones who can afford this but it is just so hard to see all of these people on welfare or the government plan getting their health car for free since they don't make as much as my husband and I and here we are working out butts off to just pay for insurance. Ok Rant over :-)

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8 years ago

Trying not to get my hopes up either! Today is CD29 and temps continue to rise!! Only thing,my temps are my only indication of possible pregnancy - and they haven't been very reliable.

I am definitely testing tomorrow morn! Trying not to get my hopes up - I've had long cycles b4, so I'm trying to be realistic ....

Pinkster, I'm 45 also - I know what you mean - the clock is ticking!!!

AKHopeful - sorry about hubby - I know what that's like - when my DH hurt his hamstring last month, my first thought was "At least it's not baby making time!" (I'm so bad) heehee

Wishing everyone the best!

8 years ago

Hello, again, ladies. Well, tested this morn - BFN

But, it turns out that the power went out last night and when I awoke in the middle of the night, probably around midnight, the time read 5:00(it was flashing but I was half asleep) anyway, I thought it was 5:00am so I got up and tested - BFN.

Later, I woke up again, looked at the clock and it read 3:00am - it was then that I realized what I had done. (DH had gotten up & fixed the clock while I was asleep)

So, I'm wondering how accurate the test was seeing as it was the middle of the night when I tested.

Any thoughts about this, anyone ?

I talked to DH about it today and he said to wait a few days and then test again.

Oh, there was a very slight dip in temp this morn.

No AF yet and this is CD30 - I'm kind of doubtful, though, the rise in temp was my ONLY indication...

What about the rest of you ?

8 years ago

Hiya Chekai, still early to tell and a bit of a mess up in test, do another one tom maybe, we are all reallt rooting for you so much my temp didnt dip til 2 days after AF so i dont take too much notice of temps, got my book 'taking charge of your fertility' yesterday so been reading that most of today, was surprised when it said if your temp is high for 18 consec days then your pregnant, well mine was high for 22 days and turned out i wasn't Another thing i read was that we dont always ovulate one side then the other, sometimes one side will ovulate several times in a row?? again thats news to me, hope your all having a good weekend ladies -x-x-x-x-

8 years ago

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