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Few days till testing...AF or early pegnancy signs...?

Hello Ladies,
I have a couple of days to test....and with all the excitement it is difficult not to try one now....but I am in my first IUI cycle with HSG trigger all I have is hope....
How are you all at the end of 2ww...?


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The TWW for me is always a 3WW lol idk why but my bfp for my son came a week after af. This is my second time ttc, its been 7 years since ive been pregnant i forgot how stressful all this was. Ive been actively trying for 12 mo. With no luck. I had mirena after my son was born and it threw me off bad and messed up my cycle and hormones. Is been out for a year now and still no success. This past cycle though ive felt very different ive had all classic signs of BFP but yet to see one. Down to temp staying elevated and vertigo which is something i didn't experience with last preg. Ive been POS for a week now and bc im not sure when i Od i have a feeling its gonna be a while until i stop! Lol! I really hope this is it for us. My symptoms so far have included. Dizziness, nausea, pinching type cramps, frequent urination, restlessness, super sore nips, headaches, hunger, high temps, increased heart rate, lots of white cm, vivid dreams of AF, and moodiness and emotionalness. Its been a roller coaster.

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Gooooooooood luck !!!!!!!


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