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March/April TT 2020 babies

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Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

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Lissa congrats!! So exciting!
@scuba it’s still early. Let’s see what Wednesday or Thursday brings.
@kait yes i’m In the US and you’re right I couldn’t find one. I guess i’ll Just have to wait see. I never thought i’d ever want to feel bad so much!

4 years ago

@agatch I hope your symptoms come back in a good way! It's hard when every little thing makes you nervous and there's no way to check everything out on your own.

4 years ago

And closer up one of today xx

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4 years ago

Alice’s welcome and Good luck! Based on your past pregnancies, it seems you don’t have to worry much about it! I’m pretty sure and really hope you’ll be having your bfp soon! Fingers crossed!

Shay I do too believe that you ovulated and it will be such an amazing surprise for you if you ended having two lines instead of AF!!

Agatch I know that is better said than done babe and I shouldn’t advise for something that I’ve never experienced but I believe worrying doesn’t change much. You’re pregnant now and only thing you can do is enjoy since time flies! It’s a good thing to be in tune with your body and anything worrying should be monitored by your doctor but other than that you can only enjoy! Hopefully your symptoms will come back (but tolerable) so you have your peace in mind!

Pandorica I’m so sorry girl! I can feel your pain and I’m sending hugs your way.

Kait I was also taking my vitamins but it seems that my vitaminD didn’t want to stick lol. Even though I live in a country full of sun, it seems that on winter time my D is low. Maybe this will help regulate your cycles!

Lissa I’m beyond exited for you!!! Congratulations babe!!!!! I pray that you’ll have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby very soon! Keep us posted

Scuba I can see the line being darker! I really really hope it will keep going darker and darker and that is not still the trigger

AFM fertile days are here and our BDing schedule is going strong! Being on vacation mode makes everything so relaxed and enjoyable! Really hope this combined with me Oing on my good side and hubbys supplements will do the trick after a century trying..

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4 years ago • Edited

@Alex good luck with the BDing!
I'm still skeptical about my test but two days to go! xx

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4 years ago

@Alex -- thank you babe! I'm so excited. My line was darker today (posted on my profile) and i'm a total ball of anxiousness. All the symptoms are back, restless sleep, heartburn, uncomfortably high temps -- I'm so happy to have them!!! I hope you will get your BFP soon so we can enjoy this time together!
@Scuba - yes, i see the line!! I hope it gets darker tomorrow! Definitely do NOT stop taking your progesterone. A line at 12 DPO cannot possibly be the trigger anymore. Call your doctor, i'm sure they would agree. In fact, if your doctor will allow it, now might be a good time to go in for your first beta so they can measure to see if it is increasing!

4 years ago

Had my scan today, they have matched up my scan to my ovulation dates which is great because I have long cycles but I know I’m not as far along as my period, I’m due last day of January so I will be having a February baby , baby was very naughty and super wiggly, I couldn’t stop laughing as it was on its head kicking it’s legs in the air I took my daughter with me and she loved seeing baby too, hope your all doing well, I e not read for a while so congratulations to any new bfp and fingers crossed for you in the 2ww xx

4 years ago

@emma lovely to hear from you! Aww it sounds super cute! xx

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4 years ago

@alex I will definitely be looking in to it and asking my OB to see if there's anything I can do to help myself in the winter. Enjoy your vacation! It sounds like you have the perfect setup for a bfp this cycle!

@scuba I see something on your second test. Hoping you get a clear line soon!

@lissa your tests look great!

4 years ago

@kait thanks. Yes I think figuring out what helps your cycle in the summer will hep your fertility and health overall. When our bodies are weaker, the reproductive system is often the first thing that is affected because it is one organ system that is non-essential to our survival. That's why diet, exercise, reducing exposure to harmful things is so important when TTC.
@scuba can't wait to see your test tomorrow. The one today really does look like a faint positive. Did you take another Clinical Guard today too?
@Emma great to hear from you! Glad everything is going well.
@Alex I know you're right. Nothing to do but relax and hope for the best. Glad you are enjoying your vacations in more ways than one this week! I agree with Scuba, perfect set up for a BFP!
@Lissa great second line!! Yay for our babies!
AFM, still no symptoms (actually even less physical symptoms than last week) except for some mood swings

4 years ago

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