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March/April TT 2020 babies

Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! Due November 30th

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Hello ladies...
@ Emma that’s nice to hear you have an appointment. I know it must be exciting.
Scuba I’m rooting for you as well.
Good luck to all ladies For this cycle.
AFM I Should be 7 weeks yesterday based on when I think I ovulated. I had a doctors appointment a few weeks where pregnancy was confirmed. I have a First Trimester appointment and dating scan next Monday when I should be 8 weeks. Will keep you all updated.


8 weeks ago

@Ana Yay!! So exciting! Congrats! I've loved having a girl as #1
@Pando sorry AF arrived. I hope the break from tracking will help you relax and that it will lead to a BFP
@scuba I see a faint line on the cheapy. Honestly I don't trust faint lines on FRER because they're pretty much never completely blank in my experience but the faint line on the other one looks more convincing to me.
@Lalou sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the diagnosis will allow him to get the treatment he needs to feel better soon
@Nadine sounds like you have a great plan in place. Good luck to you!
@Shanta sorry it's been such a long and disappointing journey for you so far. I hope you finally get good news this month though!
Nothing new on my end. CD 10 and no positive OPK yet which is good news

8 weeks ago

Hey ladies
Good luck to everyone ttc!!!
I just took a test at 10dpo and this happened eeeeek!!

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6 weeks ago

Compulsive testing going on here
The one from tonight is the darkest yet. I won’t feel excited until I get to the 2nd trimester this time though and still scared it’s a Chemical.

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6 weeks ago

@agatch I keep checking your gallery for update tests lol I need to see that line get darker

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! Due November 30th

6 weeks ago • Post starter

Waiting on results from Drs office. But once got home did a Walmart cheapie

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36 days ago word back from Drs offy. Hcg is 11. Will get another blood test done on Friday. I'd say good for 9dpo.

36 days ago

Ladies I couldn't help but test today When I woke up it just felt like I was really wet which I thought might be a sign. What do you think? It's a vvvvvvvf compared to pretty much nothing yesterday xx

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31 days ago

Update...ok so hcg levels

9dpo - 11
11dpo - 49.8
18dpo - 1481

They said the Dr wants to schedule an u/s next week.

27 days ago

Cd6 or almost cd7 in 11 minutes. Cycle has been unusual so far... lighter than I thought it'd be after using progesterone suppositories during my last tww. Hoping we get our break this cycle. Would be due around beginning of April if we get pregnant this time around.

Good luck everyone!

8 weeks ago

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