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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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So many ladies testing! I haven't yet. AF is due Saturday or Sunday so I think I'm going to wait til Saturday morning. I can't really tell if AF is coming or not. I get this weird feeling where I think I can tell that my cervix is open but I could just be imagining things. A few nights of restless sleep but today's temp should be pretty accurate.

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5 years ago

Okay, ladies who check their cervix.... I think I finally found mine, but I also made myself spot by digging around lol is that normal or indicative of anything? It felt pretty soft going by the lips, chin, nose measure. I'm scared to touch it again.

5 years ago

@emma it's still early and remember hcg only doubles every 48 hours so just give it a little bit of time okay and congratulations on your baby

@Lawrence hopefully you see that positive soon girl welcome to the group !!

@dee I set my ovulation for yesterday as well so we're tww buddies!! Completely understand the exhaustion of having sex every day lol SO and i are going on day 7 of every day sex and I am only planning on stopping Sunday maybe... I hope your tea helps you get that bfp !!

@jl I hope its implantation for you !!

@kitkat girl I only ovulated now/didn't ovulate yet and I already want to grab a test... This is going to be a tough cycle...

@scuba I hope that faint line is a real line and that it gets darker in a few days !!

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@kait dont think the spotting is normal lol I think you probably scratched yourself girl as for your cp personally i found it's only accurate around ovulation as mine goes completely flat and almost blends in with my walls. But during my period it could literally go from closed and firm to open and soft within an hour... Was it high or low when you felt?

So I set my ovulation day as yesterday as I had some serious feels in my pelvic area yesterday and I accepted the fact that I dont ovulate left only right because that's where I get the most discomfort... My cervix was also extremely open and felt like the rest of my insides lol I just accidentally found the opening. SO and I are still having sex every day I'm tired as hell lol but we're getting it he's so eager to make a baby I cant explain it to you guys he did the sweetest thing again last night I dont regret letting him in on this at all

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@Anna That is awesome that you and him are having a good time with it. Sometimes it is so hard to keep on with it and still have fun! If AF arrives than I think this next month I'm going to try to do the everyday during ovulation week. So far we haven't done that maybe it is the magic ticket.

5 years ago

@kait that can actually be a good sign: in early pregnancy the increase blood flow to the vagina and a few other physiological things can cause you to bleed very easily. For instance it is common to have spotting after you BD during pregnancy. Usually checking your cervix shouldn’t cause bleeding but in your case it could be a good sign! ????

5 years ago

Spotting can suggest a few things. Hormonal imbalance such as too much estrogen or a progesterone deficiency. It could be a sign of polyps or fibroids. spotting before the luteal phase could be ovulation spotting and in the luteal phase past 6dpo it could be implantation. Sometimes it just happens for no obvious reason. Not that there isn't a reason, it is just not always possible to know why. If it happens a lot it should be looked into. I'm about to hit up my doctor and get them to properly investigate my hormone levels. My gut is telling me something is wrong. Possibly a progesterone deficiency.

5 years ago • Edited

Hi ladies I’m here as well. Congratulations to all who got BFP.

@Anna I think this is the best approach you’re taking and I believe this is your month.

I hope we all get our BFP. I’m 10dpo. I tested at 9dpo and BFN. I am trying to hold out until late evening/night. AF is due Wednesday.

This TWW is no fun and super expensive.


5 years ago

Guys weird thing is I feel exactly the same way I did with my first pregnancy around 4 weeks but I'm only due to ovulate now... I have this weird little mom pouch going on at my lower abdomin, keep getting cramps on the right side and bloated as hell lol... Will keep baby dancing but fingers crossed

@bimini I really hope so babe I cant go another cycle with having sex on a daily basis lol right now we're actually going according to SO's plan and not mine

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Hi ladies, I think I'm out this cycle. 13DPO stark white cheapie. I have an AF headache too Oh well! I think we'll need to adopt your approach Anna and just go for it next cycle xx

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5 years ago

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