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7 dpo ... or so I thought?? ...

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Today I should be 7 dpo. I had a positive OPK 1 week ago followed by some mild cramping which usually happens with ovulation. Now today I get another positive OPK??? This is my first month using OPKs and thought I would just test everyday from cd 6 until AF or BFP.

I’m so confused, any thoughts? Or has anyone else experience this before?

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thought I would share my chart with you, especially since bbt is a little new to me and your a master at bbt lol

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1 year ago • Post starter

What time a day did you do your opk on Monday? You got positive on Tuedsday and Wednesday but I bet you would have seen it on Monday too. Because your temp spike is immediately after your first positive opk. You dtd in good time my friend.

Burning in the bbs usually happens 3dpo for me after O pains some times before but it is a pain that only happens close to O. Different from end of the cycle bbs pain.
Your progesterone is picking up and can cause the bbs pain but usually a few days before af shows. However, not for every one.

You being in so much bbs pain right now is a very good sign. It can stay or go away and you still end up being pregnant. I like that its not your norm. Only a few more days till test time. Deep breath.

I am having bbs pain too. It usually kicks in 8dpo but it started two days ago and is picking up? I dont know. Dont want to read into anything. I feel the same as every other cycle. Only the cramps have been bothersome.

Ooooo. And I feel so bad. My hubby and daughter bought me yarn because i like to crochet and havent done it in a while. I started right in. Then he finds me and asks what I'm making and I said 'a blanket'. His eyes glowed and glassed over with the most tender look. I think he thinks I am pregnant. The blanket is for our would be baby whenever they come along but ugh I hope I dont break his heart with a bfn this cycle. Why didn't I say scarf or I dont know yet

I want to test in the morning so bad but only 8dpo then. It will be what it will be.

Prayers for some rainbow babies. Hugs

1 year ago • Edited

I tested morning and evening on Monday...and was negative. I’ve had slighty sore bbs before AF. Not completely out of the norm. Seems like it happens every few months or so. However, this bbs and nipple pain is nothing like the usual. It was pretty uncomfortable taking a shower, I swear I was about to shower with my sports bra on, because that is the only thing that makes it feel just a bit better lol. I hate the 2ww!!!! It’s so hard not to symptom spot. Going back to work tomorrow will certainly keep my mind off my symptoms and hopefully make this week go by quickly.

That is so precious your making a baby blanket, and your husbands reaction is so sweet. I need to get into crocheting. I used to as a kid, but haven’t in like 20 years, I don’t think I even remember how!

Well let me know when you end up testing and update me on symptoms.
I really hope we get our bfp this week!!!

1 year ago • Post starter

I only know one stitch and I rock beginners stitch but its all you need to know.

I think Im out already. 8dpo bfn on osom. And my body is doing what it normally does.

Will test in the morning and on Friday. Not sure I can handle another bfn.

Oh well, at least you are showns signs of preggo.....really hope you get to see those two lines this week. Hugs

1 year ago

Hey ladies I hope you don’t mind me crashing in I’m on 5dpo nice to have ladies that are on similar dpo as me I’ve not tested as I don’t want to upset myself seeing that BFN as it’s still early no symptoms as of yet apart from a little pain an thick creamy discharge first month useing OPKs hope it’s my month for BFP been trying for almost a year x

1 year ago

Hi Louise and welcome! Ya I’m 6 dpo today. My bbs are still killing me and have very mild cramp like symptoms today. I plan to test later this week, but we will see how long I can actually go without testing lol

Luv- we both know that 8 dpo can be too early to test!! I know how it feels to keep staring at a bfn though :( it always takes me a few days if not more to get over all those bfn’s...

1 year ago • Post starter

Welcome Louise, Its been a while for us too. Hope this year brings us all a bfp. Hugs

Jrosie: you are right. and I should stop carrying around this bfn like a cat with a dead mouse.

1 year ago

I think I’m going to test tomorrow, I know I shouldn’t. I don’t think I will be upset about a bfn, just because 7 dpo will be soooo early. But my symptoms are driving me to want to test. I mean this tingly nipple thing is crazy! I have never had tingly sensitive nipples before AF. Tender bbs.. yes I have before, not regularly every month, but once in awhile. And it’s usually the top of the breast, this soreness is on the sides, and they feel so full. I feel some twinges here and there in my uterus, but nothing crazy. All I can think about is getting a bfp this week!! It’s so hard to distract myself. I’ll let you know what happens in the morning!!

1 year ago • Post starter

Cant sleep. Im nervous about my temp dropping in the morning. Trying to focus on sucking it sore nips to give me any hope.

Your tingling ones are way more interesting though HAHAHA Watch you get preggy this cycle. I am so stoked for you to get a bfp this week. 7dpo is early but anything is possible
Let me know what happens no matter what. Hugs

1 year ago

Thank you for the welcome ladies let’s all keep are fingers crossed that this is are month I’m so desperate to test but I know it’s too soon I’ve ordered some internet cheapie tests they should be here today but I’m trying to hold out on testing for as long as I can but it’s so hard all your symptoms sound promising ladies so let’s all hope we get the BFP we’re looking for

1 year ago

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