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7 dpo ... or so I thought?? ...

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Today I should be 7 dpo. I had a positive OPK 1 week ago followed by some mild cramping which usually happens with ovulation. Now today I get another positive OPK??? This is my first month using OPKs and thought I would just test everyday from cd 6 until AF or BFP.

I’m so confused, any thoughts? Or has anyone else experience this before?

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Yes! I hope it waits till Thursday. Love when it works out in our favors lol. Waiting to O is more stressful than the tww in my opinion.

Hey, my opk is actually not positive today at all. Normally it stays positive until 6dpo. The reason I fewl out is because my ovaries feel more swollen like they hyperovulated or just grew into huge cysts that didnt all release an egg. I am happy my lh calmed down though. Or man Id be in so much more pain right now. Its mostly just a bit uncomfy if my bowels are full tmi..sorry.

And the fact that my temp is pre O this morning and not high at all 1 dpo. Im steadying myself for another bfn cycle but praying for a miracle.

2dpo today....i wonder how bump is doing

1 year ago

CD 17 today and I got my first Positive Opk. So I’m thinking I will O tomorrow or Thursday. Hubby comes home late late tonight, so we can bd tonight! I’m just gonna have to take a nap first so I get enough sleep for work in the morning lol oh well.. if I’m tired, then it will be so worth it! So we can bd tonight and tomorrow night, and I hope that will be good enough to get a baby inside me!!

1 year ago • Post starter

WooHoo!!!!! That is awesome!!!! Get it girl!! LOL...Will be praying for you. I am sitting here at 3dpo feeling like crap. And eating crap food. I feel like I need to detox.

52 weeks ago

Ugh .. we didn’t get to BD last night :( it was so late. He was exhausted and so was I. I hope tonight won’t be too late! Still waiting on my temp to dip a little. It had risen this morning, so I’m hoping I actually ovulate tomorrow. We shall see! Will keep you posted.

Sorry you feel crappy, that’s no fun. Feel better!

52 weeks ago • Post starter

The next day after the first positive is when you are most likely going to O. So you have time. Praying you all have energy today. I know we haven't had much at all this cycle. Its been comical. Us looking at each other going 'ugh, do we have to' LOL...just have been so tired. But we dtd when we and that was it, girl. I'm still tired...LOL

4dpo and I have had increased urination and hunger since yesterday. My temp went way high this morning but want to see if it does tomorrow morning too. I dunno. I don't feel pregnant. I just feel like a combination of all the cycles I've ever had. Test next Friday with an expectation of seeing some thing faint. Am not going to let myself fall into depression if negative. Just going to keep on trucking. On the other hand if its a bfp I'll poop bricks....rofl. Can't even imagine...just would be a miracle.

What are you doing with yuor 4th? We are going to grill and chill. No fireworks. Our cat, dog, and lil girl do not like them at all.....hahah she is like 9 years old and 'nope'. Won't go near them.

52 weeks ago

I feel just like you do. The tiredness and just feel in a funk. We ended up not BDing Tuesday or Wednesday. So all we got is Sunday morning. I don’t know if that’s gonna do it... ugh why is this so hard .. I’m just super depressed today. And I’m still tired too lol I’m pretty sure I O last night. I had some ovary pains yesterday morning, and then it stopped in the evening. So Bd 3 days before O. Possible, but not feeling good about it. So today for the 4th we are gonna grill and bought lots of fireworks. We live in the country, so we can shoot them off right in our front yard. I’m trying so hard this morning to turn my depression around today and make for a good 4 day weekend.

52 weeks ago • Post starter

Hugs. Dont beat yourself up. If you both were too tired to bd, then so be it. Trying to go at it all stressed out doesn't help. And 3 days before suspected O is not bad at all. The right egg and the right sperm is all we need.

I hope you had a very happy day filled with Amazing fireworks. <3

52 weeks ago

Hey Luv, I’m doing much better. I was able to get out of my funk yesterday and enjoy a fun filled evening with fireworks. I hope my 3 days before O will be a miracle!! How are you doing/feeling

52 weeks ago • Post starter

That's what I like to hear TTC can still so much of our 'good' days away. Gotta fight for some sunshine in the midst of it all. 3 days out is just as good as 2. I would get so dumb founded when I'd read how women got pregnant that far out because they were trying to pick a gender. I was like 'you did that on purpose'? I try to get as close as I can because I don't trust my body or his swimmers...hehehe But man, when its meant to be its meant to be. Watch you get preggy this cycle......

You know I always wonder if I bd for long enough. I think I should keep going until after 2dpo. My temp seems to shift up then every time except for last cycle when I used clomid. it was BUT this cycle the supplements I took did help me O stronger but I couldn't handle them. The vitex in them I'm thinking was too much for me. It felt like both my ovaries tried to O and then felt swollen afterwards. I needed serious pain meds to survive that one. I take progesterone test strips so I did get some what of a decent O and will get to see by Tuesday if we managed to make a sticky bean.

I feel mostly hungry, gassy and thirsty Nothing new there hahahahah. My temps aren't doing anything too exciting. By Wednesday I expect them to fall dramatically unless a miracle happened. No progesterone in sight to take except the cream but I don't feel like rubbing that stuff in. Of course if I do get pregnant I will break ever door down to find a doctor to prescribe me some strong progesterone shots, bullets...whatever

Meanwhile, kicking back on this beautiful weekend. Hope you are too

52 weeks ago

Your O pains sound awful! I’m sorry you had to go through that, but it will be all worth it in the end! I already got my mind playing tricks on me with symptoms when I know it’s way too early! My bbs hurt so badly the last 24 hours, and my nips are painful and have a weird burning sensation. Most people would say a sign of AF, however it’s never an AF symptom for me. My only AF symptoms a few days leading up is always extreme psycho moodiness lol and bloating. They hurt so bad I can barely take a bra off and on. Although I think a rise in progesterone after O would cause this too. Anyway, I know this upcoming week is surely going to be a long one!! I hope to test at end of week and into next weekend. The next few days are always the hardest!!! Just gotta play the waiting game

52 weeks ago • Post starter

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