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New Cycle .. who’s with me??

Hi Ladies!

CD 1 here!! Another failed TTC attempt. Here’s to hoping for a bfp this cycle!!

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@Jrosie I’ll join you! I am CD3 and this is month 4 of TTC. The last two cycles I’ve been blessed with BFPs but unfortunately they’ve both been chemicals. Hoping this is the cycle that sticks!

1 year ago

Hi Colie!! So glad your joining me .. is there anything different your going to do this cycle? This is my 3rd cycle TTC this year. I tried for 5 months a couple years ago, but I gave up and got super stressed and had to take a break. Didn’t think it would turn into a 2 yr break!?!? But here I am! I do bbt and do opks. I’m definitely getting an idea about the usual for my cycle, I’m fairly regular. Cycle is anywhere from 26 to 34 days, usually Around 30. I O around cd 18. So I got quite the wait before I O.

1 year ago • Post starter

Jrosie our cycles seem pretty similar! Mine have been roughly 34 days long and usually O around CD 18 as well. I also do BBT and use OPKs but I’m starting to really get familiar with my body and my cycles that I don’t think I’ll need to track as closely as I have been.

Im fortunate to have very good healthcare and have wonderful doctors that are willing to help me out. They’ve ordered a bunch of testing to see what’s going on. My husband and I are leaving the country this week and won’t be able to get my testing done until my next cycle. However, they’ve given me the green light to continue trying in the meantime.

Should this cycle not work, I’ll be getting my FSH and Estradiol checked on CD 3 and progesterone levels checked on CD 21. They’ve also ordered an ultrasound to asses my uterus, ovaries and have also requested an antral count.

Im happy to have stumbled upon your post and I look forward to hearing about your cycle. I truly hope you get your BFP this time

1 year ago

Found you!

Hoping this cycle will lead to a bfp as well. The only different for me this cycle will be more bd the day of O and for two days after. Only thing O havent tried in 3 years LOL

Hi Colie! Hope you are going out of country for pleasure! Personally would love a good long vacation. But alas work and bills call. :)

I use to O anywhere ftom cd16 to cd 19 with an 11 day lp. I got pregnant with my daughter with that length yoo. Now its cd12 to cd 14 and 26days with a 13 to 14 lp and cant get pregnant for nothing. Go figure.

I should O midweek next week. Here we go again

1 year ago

Colie - well that’s really great that your getting a bunch of tests done to see where you stand with TTC. I hope it all works out and your healthy! Or get some answers and figure out what’s going to help you. I wish my dr would order some tests for me, but they said they said I need to try for the rest of the year because they are convinced I’m perfectly healthy. Now I did have all the testing done before like 6 years ago and everything came back just fine, so idk, we will see.

Luv - so gladness you found me! The one thing I will be doing differently is adding a vitamin D supplement to my diet. I found out I have a serious deficiency of vitamin D last year and I stopped taking my supplement months ago. I don’t know why, I think I just ran out and got lazy lol. But I did some light reading about it, and I did find some reading material about how women with a deficiency of vitamin D had a Harder time conceiving than women who were not deficient. So.. why not give it a go and try it. A small and inexpensive tweek that maybe could help.

1 year ago • Post starter

HEHEH....was just reading my post and I was so sleepy when I wrote that. I can hardly comprehend it.

Vitamin D3. Yup. Your girl is missing it too. I purposely do not get much sun because it hurts my eyes and drains me so quick. I am in the early stages of Lupus so makes since. BUT I was taking loads of it a while back too and I though 3000 was alot. 1000 in my prenatals then an extra 2000 from target brand. It was barely above the exceptable level. Sooooo ugh. I already take a good bit of vitamins/supplements and don't want to take another but I too have been slacking on my D3.

The jury is out on if I will pick it up again.

Meanwhile I feel great being on cd4 spotting and no hormones in my body. I LOVE this feeling.

Do either of you feel awful during the 2ww or is it just me?

1 year ago

Hi ladies hope you both had a nice day. Jrosie that’s too bad your doctor won’t run any tests for you but hopefully this is a successful cycle and you wont require any.

Luv we are going away for a much needed three week holiday to Europe. Fingers crossed that helps create a sticky bean! I’m with you on feeling awful during the TWW. I’m anxious and grumpy haha. Glad you’re feeling great today and I hope you get your BFP this time around too!

It’s so nice to have the support of other women, the TTC can be so lonely at times and it’s nice find wonderful women like yourselves.

1 year ago

Totally agree!! A support system is so nice!! A comforting support system where we are all going through the same thing and can be 100% honest with no judgement.
I too am also feeling great. 2ww is so draining on my body, and then to have to deal with CD 1 and the disappoint of no baby on top of feeling like crap! It’s no fun.
I ordered that book “take charge of your fertility” will be here in a few days. I’m excited to read it and maybe learn a thing or two! And it should keep me busy lol

1 year ago • Post starter

Hey ladies I'm on CD 3. I will TTC this cycle with clomid/shots trying to be aggressive this go around. I took a 7 month break after trying twice. glad I found this group!

1 year ago

Hope we all get are bfp this cycle my other half is working away a lot this month so it could be a little tricky for me but keeping my fingers crossed

1 year ago

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