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7 dpo ... or so I thought?? ...

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Today I should be 7 dpo. I had a positive OPK 1 week ago followed by some mild cramping which usually happens with ovulation. Now today I get another positive OPK??? This is my first month using OPKs and thought I would just test everyday from cd 6 until AF or BFP.

I’m so confused, any thoughts? Or has anyone else experience this before?

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Luv- I feel the same way. I was super bummed last cycle when I just kneeeeew I was pregnant. Im on CD 10 & I’m very upset.. we started BD last night and he PULLED OUT!! WTH?! He said it was out of habit! I had ovary pain yesterday. I really hope I didn’t O early. I am already feeling like this month is going to be a bust.

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4 months ago

Hey Ladies .. CD 9 here, I have a very long time before I O. Last cycle it was CD 20... I started drinking pink stork fertility tea, I kinda hope it makes me ovulate sooner, that would be great. So as of now, I won’t ovulate until about July 4th/5th ish.

Bumpin ... wow, I can’t believe he pulled out!! I don’t even know what to say to that. I would be very frustrated if that happen to me. Please stay positive though, it was one day, I can’t imagine that was it for you, although I know it may seem like that. Keep bd-ing and don’t count yourself out already.

I am very interested to see what happens with my cycle now that I am doing bbt. As of now, it is kinda all over the place, but maybe that’s normal ...

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4 months ago • Post starter

Bumpin: Insert the loudest scream ever. I can't even wrap my mind around him pulling out. Heck if mine cant finish inside me I jump up and crank it like a lawn mower. Sorry for the tmi but when its approaching O time, I dont mess around. Im sorry and like Jrose said, it was one time. Praying you didn't miss your window. Hugs

Jrosie: Your temps look great. Once you get the hang of it you will notice a pattern. So glad you are doing this. I hear so many women get pregnant after learning how to temp and ding opks. Got everything crossed for you.

4 months ago

Checking in on you two. I am just now crawlin into the bed. Work was brutal. Still no O on my end but I don't expect to see it until Sunday at the earliest.

Bumpin: Did you get more bding in?
Jrosie: Did you O?

4 months ago

No O yet .. probably not til next week . Blah.. just a whole lot of waiting, temping, OPK testing, and some more waiting.

4 months ago • Post starter

jrosie: Oh man, don't you speak the truth. I got easy at home LH strips and they always have a line on them so I test twice a day because I'm afraid of the getting darker all of a sudden and I miss the 'first' one. I can have days of these bad boys. But usually the first signals 24 hour or some times 12 before I actually have the massive O pain. I've been getting lots of ewcm so I know its nearing.

Have you been having any O type cramping at all?

4 months ago

I got nothing .. my app says I will ovulate Tuesday on CD 17, which leaves me tonight and tomorrow to bd, since DH will be gone sun thru tues. however, last cycle I O’d on CD 20.. so I’m hoping I’m closer to CD 20, which would be Friday July 5th. That way I can bd closer to ovulation day and day of. We shall see!!! Just waiting in my first positive OPK.

4 months ago • Post starter

Cd 14 .. and still nothing. Not a sight or feeling of anything. However, like I said in my previous post, probably a good thing. Want to ovulate closer to CD 19 or 20 so DH is around to Bd. We are going to BD tonight before he is gone sun thru tues just In case! Have you O’d yet Luv?

3 months ago • Post starter

How are you doing now? I am 1dpo but not hopeful. Took my temp this morning. No jump at all. We did all we could so Im happy.

I hope you get to bd closer to O. That was my worry too.

3 months ago

I’m good, CD 16 and still nothing. No positive OPK, no nothing. My App has changed my o date to Wednesday now, I hope it ends up being pushed to Thursday. Guess we will see!
Why are you not hopeful?? If you did everything you could.... it is easy too early to feel out

3 months ago • Post starter

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