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7 dpo ... or so I thought?? ...

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Today I should be 7 dpo. I had a positive OPK 1 week ago followed by some mild cramping which usually happens with ovulation. Now today I get another positive OPK??? This is my first month using OPKs and thought I would just test everyday from cd 6 until AF or BFP.

I’m so confused, any thoughts? Or has anyone else experience this before?

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That looks good! Glad it’s getting darker. I’m ok.. I’ve had some horrible AF like cramps, but no AF. I never get cramps until after AF has arrived, so this still feels hopeful. I took a test early this morning, probably a bfn. I feel like there was a squinter there, but didn’t feel good about it. My temp did go up slighty. Guess I’ll see what happens tomorrow morning! I’m at the point where I’m excited but at the same time feel like it’s over.

39 days ago • Post starter

Sorry I have been absent. Things got crazy busy around here. Still are. I am cd3 today so af just about over. Thought I was pregnant up until 9dpo then things just went back to normal except the painful nips. They did not go away until I started af. Just like that normal UGH.

Here's to a new cycle! Praying for you Jrosie!!

36 days ago

I see those lines Louise!! Congrats

36 days ago

Hi Luv!! I’ve missed you!!! Well I’m CD 1 today, right behind you. It was so nice to see you pop in today, as today was quite depressing for me. I cried all the way to work this morning, then went out to the parking garage for lunch to cry out the last bit I had for lunch. I’m okay now, just had to get it out then suck it up and move forward. Now just planning for this cycle and how I can do it better!! I’m going to start a new thread. I’m gonna call it “New Cycle, who’s with me?” Lol glad your back Luv.

Louise? How are those lines coming along?

36 days ago • Post starter

Hey girls AF is due tomorrow all symptoms have gone An my tests have got lighter surely it would of shown strong by now I’m gutted really thought this was it I’ve worn myself out so much over it I woke up with morning with an abscess in my mouth so 1 side of my face looks like I’ve been stung by a bee lol hopefully next cycle is good for us all x

35 days ago

Oh no! So sorry Louise .. I totally understand wearing yourself out from it. Come join us on my new thread!!

35 days ago • Post starter

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