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7 dpo ... or so I thought?? ...

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Today I should be 7 dpo. I had a positive OPK 1 week ago followed by some mild cramping which usually happens with ovulation. Now today I get another positive OPK??? This is my first month using OPKs and thought I would just test everyday from cd 6 until AF or BFP.

I’m so confused, any thoughts? Or has anyone else experience this before?

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Hey, Luv! Hope your belly is better this morning. I drank way too much last night. Just kinda frothing in my own self pity.. I still haven’t completely started.. just a little pink here and there when wiping. My cycles are typically very short and have bleeding every 2 weeks. I can’t remember the last time my cycle lasted this long!! Still BFN. This has been a mystery cycle... I wish I would just start so that I can get on with the next one. I have heard of pineapple but not pomegranate! I may have to give that a go this time! What vitamins is your husband taking?

TTC Baby #3

1 year ago

Alright finally ... CD 1 for me!! I can finally start over! It’s weird to say i have been looking forward to CD 1! But now who knows I will be waiting to ovulate lol according to apps and the OPKs I was doing last cycle it will probably be Around CD 17/18. More waiting now ...

1 year ago • Post starter

AF showed for me full force yesterday as well! So.. CD2 for me today as well. Only mine tend to last forever so by the time you ovulate I’ll probably still be hanging with AF... here’s to a new chance!

TTC Baby #3

1 year ago

It chomped my lovely post once again. So here is the short run down.
I am 13dpo should start AF 16dpo.
Bought hubby ConceptionXR Prenatal for Men and Mary Ruth's CoQ10 Gummies. Both are all he needs for sperm health from my google searching lol

Im hoping it helps.

Also I found CNY Fertility for lowered IVF costs. Should be doing a phone consult with them some time soon. Based out of New York so we would travel there for procedure but worth looking into.

Ok, fx we can all do it naturally though.


1 year ago

Bumpin - wow we are true cycle buddies then, same day and everything! Hopefully AF doesn’t last weeks :( that just sucks.

Luv- have you done any tests yet?? I’m excited to see how your counsel goes!

Every few months or so I have one of those AF’s where I just have horrible cramps and I’m just so damn moody and pissed at everything! I hope I feel like myself tomorrow. I hate feeling like this. Af should be ending tomorrow or following day (CD 4/CD5). Hope you ladies are doing well!

1 year ago • Post starter

I am cd1 today. Cramps about killed me. Not a heavy flo at all just alot of brown stuff and yeah...Welll I am done testing lol

We are all together then what? Cd 1 2 and 3? LOL. Need to get a ticker going do they even do that on this site. I forget.

Ok so I have not read any reviews on this Conception supplement but I know what MY body needs and with this I dont have to take anything else. The main thing is the magnesium for my Kidney stones. Its called Onova. Its a fertility Conception formula that you take until you get a positive test. With anything you should always check with your doc of course because I know some people are on many different medications.

It is priceeeey. OUCH but God willing I hope to be pregnant this cycle with its help. I just wish I could find reviews on it. Heck, guess I'll be the first review.

Are you ladies on an special eating regiment? I want to go back to green smoothies. Still cant exercise just yet though.

Any one have a fav go to meal? I like frozen veggies in a bag with pepper and lemon juice. Steam or nuke then add a lil flavor. Toss in small chunks of chicken breast for protein.

Ok bed time. Talk soon

1 year ago

Super weird.... CD 3 & AF is gone?!? What kind of sorcery is this?!?!

Hmmm.. my favorite go to meal is pepperoni & cheese. Lol. I do Keto. I got off of it for awhile but I’m back to it now. I’d like to lose about 20 lbs. last year I lost 65 doing keto but gained 30 back.

We are all cycle buddies it seems! We will see if AF is planning another sneak attack on me...

TTC Baby #3

1 year ago

Oh yum! Pepperoni and cheese!

Congrats on thay weight loss. I have faith you can do it again.

Ive lost 15 being stuck in a wheelchair/crutches. Trying to keep it off and take off another 15.

How long are yout cycles usually? 3 days is usually my max then spoting for 2.

Now you have me wanting pizza

1 year ago

Haha! Get you some pepperoni & cheese. My cycles usually go for about two weeks. It’s been that way for 4 years!

TTC Baby #3

1 year ago

Bumpin: Duh...I knew that!! My brain has been on fuzz mode this past week. I hope 3 days is all you get for this cycle. Its all I got. Really 1 day of spotting, then the next day light to medium to heavy then i woke up the next day....bleh...not even spotting. So cd 3 was like just yeah, nothing. rofl.

I'm now waiting on Oh day and testing in the afternoons but won't start BDing until tomorrow. I don't even know what cd to call because AF was so pathetic. Plus I'm taking this new conception supplement with Vitex in it and I read it can cause your opks to be a bit darker like Clomid. I can already feel my bbs aching like they do when I O.

I hope this new stuff works.

Sorry I have not been on here much. I think I really had to get over 'not being pregnant' I was so convinced last cycle. I won't even get into how many tests I took (the shame).

And I had so much pizza!! was good too. No regrets.

Do you all know exactly what cycle day you are on? I think FF has me at cd5 but seems like I should be way past that since the bleeding wasn't for very long. Usually I have to wait til cd 8 before I feel fresh enough to bd So maybe O will com early.

Ok, I'm rambling. Hope to everyone is doing ok. HUGS

1 year ago

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