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TTC January/February 2020 babies

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Hang in there ladies!!

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@mrsmcguire I want to say that you did O and you're just having a temp drop from the secondary estrogen surge.

@alex thank you! Everything went well, I'm at home relaxing now. The doctor I had today was extremely hopeful for us getting pregnant soon now that the polyp is gone. I guess they can act like an IUD and affect your lining too. Since I don't O for another 10 days, I'm allowed to try this cycle which I'm excited about. His words kind of renewed my faith that we can do this.

5 years ago

Scuba I can’t wait to see your bfp babe! I’m so hopeful for you this cycle!!

Mama I know!! It is so difficult.. Hang in there girl. Your turn is coming!! fingers crossed for this cycle for many bfps and sticky beans!

Anna Thank you babe! I hope nausea got better!

Kait!! I’m so happy for you! When doctors are hopeful it’s the best feeling in the world. I really, really, really wish this will be your cycle. It’s so nice to hear that you’re feeling hopeful too! Hugs babe

AFM I’m having some hard days here... AF is giving me migraines and a lot of painful cramps. CD4 and she’s supposed to be gone tomorrow but I’m still in pain. Also I’m feeling very down emotionally and I’m not feeling very hopeful.. let’s hope I’ll be feeling better in the next few days!!

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5 years ago

@Alex I am so sorry you are not well. Take some time for you and thank you for the encouragement.

Thank you everyone. @Ana thank you as well it s nice to hear from you.

@Harmonyke i completely understand. That is why I like having this space. I had issues to reconnect when they changed the interface but I was finally able to.

@millbarnet welcome back mama. I am also ttc #2. How old is yours? Mine is 17months and babbling non stop :-).

@Scuba i am feeling positive for you but I do not want to jinx it.

AFM nothing really. This AF was less painful so maybe I did ovulated this time. If I did that means that last time when my OPK was positive I believe on April 13th that was an ovulation. But after calculations (AF happens exactly 14days post ovulation) it seems like I ovulated on CD 40 which was April 12th. So we might have missed it from one day. But that is crazy late ovulation though. It is too long of a cycle and I have to do everything that I can to diet and lose weight. I am sure that if I lose about 10 pounds my cycle will self regulated. I have an an apt on May 17th for an ultrasound and I am glad they will check my ovaries and uterus. Hopefully there is nothing much terrible. Today or tomorrow should be my last day with AF. I am also refocusing now on retaking both my failed exams so I might be a bit absent again. I am praying for everyone though. Stay positive.

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5 years ago

Positive Opk Sunday... fingers crossed! Baby dust to all!

5 years ago

Ok so I got my positive OPK tonight. We had sex 2 nights ago and then again tonight. I'll see if we can get more in tomorrow but it's not always easy with kids around. I hope we covered our bases! Now for the two week wait. I'd like to say I won't test early but we all know that's nearly impossible

5 years ago

Lalou Good luck on your exams and I’m sure if this get off your program you will be able to focus on your diet plan easily as well your ttc! I really hope everything to fall in place one after the other

Mommyof2 and Jessica Good luck girls!!! Hopefully your egg is already fertilized and traveling

AFM CD5 today and AF should be leaving. Hubbys supplements aren’t here yet and it kinda makes me feel less stressed knowing that it most likely won’t be it for the next few cycles. I read some reviews about this supplements doctor gave us even though I couldn’t find much. Everyone said that after 3-4 months their SOs sperm was changed dramatically and many ladies said they got pregnant on their 3rd, 4th month of taking it! Especially the ones who had only motility problems like us! I really hope this to work

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5 years ago • Edited

Good luck with the exams @lalou xx @alex the supplements sound really promising! My hubby has promised to do his SA next week.

Afm I tested this morning. Stark white 12DPO today. No chance to get a positive now. Temp dropped slightly again. Will probably dip again tomorrow. I had slight spotting on tissue only yesterday so I guess I'm out. I just can't believe it. Our BD schedule was pretty much perfect this cycle. Just feel really depressed and irritable today ???????????? xxx

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5 years ago

Scuba... I know how you feel girl! I know... Hang in there! AF is not here yet but if she comes, It will pass and you’ll feel better in few days. You will have your bfp. That’s certain. Just hang in there and keep trying!!! Hugs

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5 years ago

Hi ladies !!

@Alex I'm happy to hear your SO is taking supplements it definitely helped mine so I'm super excited for you !!

@scuba hold in there babe you've got this !!

So update for me: Something that I didnt take pregnancy related before made me think it is now and it's kinda eww... My mucus increased like not cm but actual mucus... It feels like I constantly have a sinus infection and I've taken pregnancy safe medication but it still hasnt cleared up... Been like this from about 6 and a half weeks... The nausea is coming and going it's supposed to be at its peak the next few weeks... It's terrible to say this but I dont feel attached to this pregnancy yet I think it's just a defense mechanism

5 years ago • Post starter

@Anna I remember that happening with my pregnancies! It is very ewww. I had to wear a panty liner because it was so much! Sounds like your body is doing what it should be doing!

5 years ago

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