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TTC January/February 2020 babies

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Hang in there ladies!!

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Hello Ladies,
I’m new here... this is my first time posting on any of these groups. I have been stalking such sites for over two years now lol... I’m hoping for a January or February baby. Currently CD32, I have a regular 30 day cycle... so I’m 2 days late and BFN. Don’t know if I should hold out hope.
Did everything I can this cycle: BD on time, presseed ,diva cups, clomid, raised legs etc. I’m having super anxiety attacks. I just want a baby ????????... Baby dust to you all.

3 years ago

Hello everyone. I am on CD19. I am lokking for a cycle buddy to keep me from testing too early!

3 years ago

@Mystique - Congrats!

I'm cd 20 and got a slight temp rise this morning. What's different this time are the absolute abundance of cm! Have had ewcm since cd 9, although only a little in the beginning. Today it's really watery and, tmi, really feels like I'm constantly peeing myself. Guess it's the borage oil doing it. It's also making the ovulation pain a hell of a lot stronger!

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3 years ago

I'm not temping or using opk's so i'm assuming i ovulated on cd 14 or near there based on cm.

3 years ago

Lalou Don’t bring yourself down and never compare your looks with others! We are all beautiful in our own unique way no matter the shape of our body. I’ve never seen you but from the little while that I know you in here you’re beautiful! No one will remember us for our looks.. I’m so proud of you that you want to be healthier but please don’t you ever feel bad because someone weight less than you!!! Embrace your self babe!!

Lissa Thank you so much for the encouragement. There’s not much I can do anyways! I try to be calm and be ok with it!
After an hsg is normal to have some light spotting or bleeding. I remember my doctor worn me about it. But again if your bleeding is heavier or you have any discomfort I would suggest to speak with your doctor! But if it’s light is ok and it’s not gonna affect your BDing schedule!!!

Mama welcome to the TWW! Hopefully it will end with a big FAT positive for you!!!

Faith Welcome and good luck!! I hope you won’t have to stick with us for to long

Rampokker Hang in there! If you Oed cd14 you’re only 5dpo and tests will show only false results at this point! You don’t need to get upset over nothing! Normally you would implant 6-12DPO meaning the earliest you can have a positive test is at 8 dpo. You can do it!!! Keep yourself busy

Pandorica Fingers crossed that the borage oil will do wonders!!!

Kait Good luck! I hope you’ll O soon girl! How you doing other than that? Did your DH though about his SA?

AFM 2dpo here and I’m still charting. I thought I would keep everything checked just in case and for keeping data! I’ll be mostly in here for support since I’m 99% sure I’m out this cycle!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone in here and I wish for many BFPs this cycle!!!!!

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3 years ago • Edited

Good morning ladies! Well the bleeding/spotting from the HSG has subsided and we have continued to BD. I'm just glad the bleeding has slowed down. My doc said it was fine as long as it wasn't painful/itching/burning which it is not. I'm still only getting "high" readings on my CB digital OPK. I had crazy egg white cm for two days and now today it is more watery but my temp is still low. I'm only CD13 today and usually don't O until 16-18 so i would be surprised to see a surge this early but who knows. I started doing vitex and myo-inositol last month so maybe my cycle is regulating to be more "normal." I hope all of you are doing well and we see some more BFPs this cycle! I also hope we all O around the same time so we can endure the TWW together. Always helps to have cycle buddies! I will be starting fertility treatment next month if we don't get a BFP this cycle.

3 years ago

Alex good luck this month too! But I’m not sure since I had a huge temp drop this morning. It’s still above my cover line according to FF but pretty low. Guess it’s just a waiting game. We’ll see what’s going on.

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3 years ago

Hello ladies,
Happy mothers to be and mother s day tomorrow.
@Alex thank you. You are so right. That si the way i usually think too. I just feel insecure when they are all in my face. But yeah i am beautiful in and out and so are you and every person here.

@lissa i have heard great things about myo isonitol. I hope it helps you o earlier.

Wedding weekend yay!!!

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3 years ago

@alex my opks don't want to turn so I'm still waiting. He hasn't done his test yet because I'm so close to O and it's not a good time to abstain. I told him this is the last cycle and if I'm not pregnant he needs to go. So we'll see what happens.

3 years ago

Ugh the TWW makes me crazy! I’ve got 7-10 days before AF. Last few cycles my luteal phase has been 12 days so I leaning more to 7 days. I already want to test but I know it’s far to early for anything to show up.

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3 years ago

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