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TTC January/February 2020 babies

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Hang in there ladies!!

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I feel your pain @mama. My chart has been all over the place. No consistency at all.

Alex I am sorry the supplements haven’t come in yet. Still going to stay hopeful for you this month!!

Pando I am sorry your cycle is being a little wonky. The fertility monitor was just so expensive that I thought about it but couldn’t bring myself to pay for it. Good luck though!! I am totally with you on just bd when you feel like it and not making it a chore.

AFM: still nothing. I have had crazy temps my whole cycle. Feeling completely low and out. Work has been stressful for sure making it even worse. I am getting to the point where I don’t even want to track anymore because I know my cycle is just going to be a mess. I am hoping that I will at least get my period soon so we can start a new cycle, but I am not holding my breath. Before the provera I had a 100+ day cycle so I am just hoping it won’t be that again. Good luck ladies!!

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5 years ago

Hi ladies. I’ve been MIA for a while now but glad to be back.
Thank you so much Anna for keeping the board going. Wishing you nothing but the best.
Welcome to all new ladies and I hope you all get your BFP very soon.
Congratulations to all who got their BFP. Wishing you all a happy healthy 9 months.
Scuba I was really hoping this was your BFP. Sorry AF came and hope this is your cycle.
AFM I was taking it easy this past few
months trying not to stress or try but not prevent. However this cycle I started to feel a little anxious that it hasn’t happened yet. I felt ovulation pain cd 16. Took an OPK and it was blazing positive. I Happened to BD the 2 days prior and did it that night hoping to catch the egg. Well AF was due yesterday and didn’t show. Still not here and BFN. I Was really down last night and still kind of down today. Hoping AF Stays away but feel I would have a BFP already if I was pregnant.
Thanks for giving me an outlet to express my feelings. Wishing you ladies nothing but the best.


5 years ago

Pandorica Amen girl! The most important thing in this journey must be not to lose ourselves and not to destroy the sparkle in our relationships. My doctor told me to stop tracking everything and just enjoy. Do sex day after day, enjoy my husband, enjoy my everyday and stop making this a science experiment! I know that at the moment there is not a doctor option for you just to guide you and give you any medication if needed, but I strongly believe that forcing your sexual life it cannot make things better at least mentally!

Mama maybe you’re ovulating today! Keep BDing girl. Do you have a usual O day based on previous cycles?
Really hope you’re right. It will be a very welcome and amazing surprise! I will still feel sorry for the 120€ I spent on the supplements though lol

Shay I don’t usually wish that to any girl who’s ttcing but if it’s gonna be an anovulatory cycle I hope AF comes soon for you! Are you still using opks? Let’s hope this egg will drop soon girl!!

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5 years ago

Hi ladies, it's been a tough week after my miscarriage but I'm starting to feel a little better. My husband has been wonderful and his support is helping a lot. We've decided we wanted to try again so I'm hoping my cycles get back to normal as soon as possible but for now, I still have a while until my Hcg levels get back to 0 I think. I'm got a blood test yesterday and waiting to hear back what my numbers are (I think I was around 47,000 last week). It's really ironic to hope to see a negative on a test after having been so excited to finally get my 2 lines! I'm really hoping it won't take as long this time. I want to cry just thinking about going back to the whole TTC process.
@Scuba My daughter (#1) was conceived on the 8th cycle of TTC and this pregnancy I just lost also started on the 8th cycle of trying for #3.

5 years ago

I am so sorry agatch

Alex I stopped the OPKs because I ran out. Haven’t had the time or money to order new ones. Our Walmart has recently decided to lock up the hpt and OPKs. So if you want to get them you have to have a manager come open it and give you what you want. Definitely not convenient when you live in a small town where everyone knows my husband used to work there so they all know him and me by face.

Just trying to be patient. I got the paperwork for my new doctor so now I just have to fill it out and have my husband take it in for me. Trying to stay positive with it all. Still bd when we feel like it but not putting any crazy pressure behind it. Just enjoying ourselves and waiting patiently.

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5 years ago

Agatch sending all my positive thoughts for fast healing and peace in mind! It’s wonderful that you have your supporting husband in all this and I’m so happy for you both that you are ready to try again! From the bottom of my heart I wish a bfp and a healthy pregnancy very very soon!

Shay yes that’s why I’m always ordering my tests. Here in Greece you can’t just go at any store and buy them. You can only go to the pharmacy (where they’re also too expensive like the cheapest one is 13€), and have them given to you only by the pharmacist which also knows you by the face and feels so uncomfortable every month to ask for tests!
I hope you can relax and enjoy your time with your husband and meanwhile I hope you’ll ovulate!!

AFM CD9 and my CM is starting to become fertile! 2-3 days and I’ll ovulate I think! Nothing much to say just waiting!!

Happy Sunday everyone

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5 years ago • Edited

It's probably too soon for symptom checking for me (5 dpo) but I'm feeling pretty crappy. Yesterday I was really dizzy and almost threw up a few times. This morning I had the slightest bit of spotting. So slight that I could have missed it if I didn't look. I'm anxious to see if it amounts to anything. I want to test but I know it's too early.

5 years ago

@scuba im so sad for sure. I really thought this was your month.
@agatch still praying for u and ur new angel. My heart aches for you as well.

Welcome to the new people

AFM thank u so much for the support. Im not seeing big changes on keto yet physically but mentally I am felling stronger. I have more energy. I am more happy. I am making projects again. DH and I had so much tmi!!!! adult time this weekend. I feel like carbs are clogging my life and now that I am reducing happier.
@Harmonyke that is amazing. How long did it took yoi to get into ketosis last time? Im hoping that keto will help me. I have both Pcos and Hashimoto and they are hard to manage with meds.

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5 years ago

I'm crazy for testing so early but am I crazy that I see a vvvfl here?

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5 years ago

Lalou so happy for you girl! I’m really proud for people who have decided to change their lifestyle and not giving up! Even if you’re not seeing immediate results, don’t give up! It will worth it I promise!!! Something that I keep telling to my students who are struggling to lose weight is, don’t aim for dramatic fast results. Aim for the change. If you give up nothing is gonna change and most likely it will become worse. Even if you lose 1kg per month, in 10 months you’ll be 10 kilos off! And 10 months is NOTHING but 10 kilos is a big thing!!!

Jessica Yes, I can see something but I’m not sure since is too early! I know is hard to wait but try not to count so much on faint lines and shadow since personally in the past I was many times heartbroken by it!! Let’s hope it will get darker day after day

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5 years ago

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