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TTC January/February 2020 babies

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Hang in there ladies!!

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@Kait, mama and Shay I'm sorry it seems like an anovulatory cycle for you. That's so frustrating! I your cycles start being more regular soon.
@Alex good for you for not testing and feeling proud!
@Pando awesome shirt! I have my fingers crossed for you this cycle!!
@Emma Glad everything looks ok from the blood test but hope O happens soon
@Harmonyke congrats!!! Wishing you a
My Hcg levels were down to 42 on Monday. Yesterday morning I only had a very faint line on HPT but I also had tones of EWCM and pain in my left ovary. It really felt like O was a day or 2 away. I'm not sure it is even possible to O if my Hcg is not completely back to 0 though so I'm not sure what to think of it. We did BD last night not because of potential O but because we just really wanted to. I've been reading that it's probably better to avoid TTC before you get at least one normal period after a loss because otherwise it can be hard to pinpoint conception dates and it can get confusing (is the Hcg still remaining from lost pregnancy or is it a new one?...etc.) which makes total sense but at the same time using contraception or trying to time BD to avoid potential fertile days doesn't really make sense to me right now since we know we want to try again. Anyway, I think right now I don't want to worry about any timing at all and just want to enjoy being with my husband when we want to. With everything that's happened lately, last night was one of the first carefree moments I've had in a few weeks so I don't really care about anything else!

5 years ago

So ladies here is my progress.

LMP 4/21 to 4/27 aka 7 days

Nexplanon was removed on 4/29.

Sex on 29th, 3rd, 8th, 10th, once more after that.

Pink blood streak with clear sticky mucus on 5/4

5/13 & 5/14 severe allergies

5/15 body aches & flu like symptoms

5/16 when i woke i had pink/sticky mucus streak. I assumed my period had started early as it is supposed to hit 5/20 so i put a tampon in.

Next morning 5/17 I took the tampon out, it was dried up with brown dried blood, about a half a spoon and under worth.

5/17 afternoon went from brown to tan after that around 2pm & after that nothing but on and off wet/clear mucus to dry.

Low, low cervix for 5/16 & 5/17 but now it's rising slowly.

Mild boob sensitivity, mild cramps here and there, back pain a few times sense 5/16 & 5/17
5/18 but nothing else for symptoms sense.

Question is for me is am i pregnant? Did i just experience implantation bleeding.

5 years ago • Edited

Hello ladies,

The wedding was great. Our week was weird. Trying to readapt I guess. Then my DH caught a cold on Thursday and today we are all dealing with including baby. @Kait and @mama im sorry for the annovulatory cycles i might dealing with one right and probably for the past 5months as well since I started having AF 1y post birth again. So i am awaiting for the Dr call but the technician who performed my internal ultrasound yesterday said that my uterus lining was really thick and I had multiple small follicles (PCOS) which do not seem to grow or mature enough for an ovulation. I am hoping to receive a call from my OBGYN next week and schedule a meeting with her. Maybe I will get prescribe some fertility meds like Clomid hopefully.
Im praying for everyone. Stay positive.
@Kait I am also restarting Kero. Im going to add intermittent fasting as well. Still studying for my upcoming exam.

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5 years ago

@lalou hopefully they can help. My next step is probably clomid too, but we are going to continue for a few months and let DH get his SA done first. Intermittent fasting makes me feel so skinny because I'm not constantly full from eating lol I hope it works for you!

5 years ago

Pandorica I have everything crossed that your test will be darker today!

Agatch Don’t let your mind to get too busy with all of this. If you wanna enjoy your hubby just do it! That’s the healthy way to do. I’m so happy that you guys finding comfort to each other!

Andielyn Only time will show. Unfortunately no one can know and all your “symptoms” could be as well period related. I hope that’s not the case for you. Good luck.

Lalou if the meds will help I hope she will prescribe you.

Just a stupid question ladies. Does clomid and other same meds have any strong side effects? I’m asking because I’m seeing so many ladies in here struggling with anovulatory cycles and if there is a medication that can boost your O, why doctors don’t prescribe them immediately? Sorry if this is a stupid one but if I had to deal with something so frustrating as this, I would totally ask for some medication since there is one! I mean if there was a med to unblock my tube I would eat it for breakfast, dinner, lunch lol

AFM 11dpo and I couldn’t hold my self and I tested I feel so stupid and I already knew the results. I don’t know what brought this urge.. anyways I’m not disappointed from the results cuz it was expected I’m just disappointed that I wasted one test lol I’m very optimistic for 2-3 cycles from now!!!!

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5 years ago

@alex There are some side effects just like with any other medication, especially because it's hormone related. I'm personally nervous about it because birth control pills really messed with my mood when I was on them to the point that I eventually quit taking them and we went back to using condoms. It also can up the chances for multiples like twins or triplets. I would still do it eventually if we don't get pregnant. If for no other reason than to shorten my cycles so we have less time in between each try. It's okay that you tested, we all do it. You're just practicing for a couple of cycles from now when the supplements start working!

I think I might be getting a second chance this cycle, but I don't wanna jinx it!

5 years ago • Edited

Thanks girls. Not seeing that much of a progression yet, but it hasn't even been 24 hours and I'm only 9 dpo. And I'm not even sure it's a real line yet. It's a real squinter within the timeframe that gets a little bit darker after the time. This is the best pic I could get and it's taken about 2 minutes after the timeframe. Oh well, I guess I'll see if it gets darker by tomorrow or not. If there is something it would, since these are as sensitive as a frer.

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5 years ago

A bit more zoomed in

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5 years ago

I think I see something! ????
Keep us updated!
I'm cycle day 7 and hoping February is our month! But if not that will be ok too, as that will put due date around my daughters second birthday.
I was on the pill when I got pregnant with my daughter and it's so frustrating that it's not happening easily this time around!
I hope that doesn't come out insensitivly, I know some of y'all have been trying for longer than me, just wanted to blurt it out! Xx

5 years ago

Kait thanks for the informations and I really hope this second chance to be real! Good luck!
Pandorica I can see a shadow of a line! Fingers crossed hun! It will be amazing to see your bfp this cycle!!
Jeebee Good luck! Hope you make it easy enough as your first time

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5 years ago

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