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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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Scuba I’d say so so close , maybe try another in a couple of hours x

5 years ago

Eeeek OK ????. I'll try just before bed as peed an hour ago so need to hold it now xx

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5 years ago

@Scuba, yes I'd definitely try before bed this looks very close but not quite peak.
@Alex, yay for your positive opk. Hope you get your overdue BFP this month
@Anna, any update? I have my fingers crossed for you
@Emma, so glad to hear you can start investigating and are getting support
I remember some of you were talking about giving up coffee and I did that because it seems to make my pms worse. I found a substitute I really like which is no caffeine herbal coffee. The brand I find here (in the US) is Teeccino. Just thought I'd share because it really did help satisfy my craving for a latte mid-morning or early afternoon!

5 years ago

Agatch well done for kicking the caffeine, I’ve not had it for 6 years and it instantly helped with my migraines ( as well as other things I cut from my diet) I always think it’s a hard one to cut out but you will feel so much better without it, I like douwe egberts for decaf coffee and the new pg tips for tea although Aldi do a good decaf tea as well and I know you have aldi over in the states too xx

5 years ago

Morning everyone

Unfortunately this will be my last update... Woke up this morning with mild cramping (which is normal) so went to the bathroom and checked my cp before testing as I didnt want to waste a test and I started spotting... So I'm moving on to cd1 today and a new cycle... I have so much planned for this cycle it's just a waiting game now... I have an appointment at the new doctor on Friday (just before my fertile week)

5 years ago • Post starter

Aw sorry Anna :( Good luck for next cycle.

Scuba that looks super close to peak. I'd be getting into BD time personally

5 years ago

@mata it's okay I actually feel pretty good about it I'm not bummed at all... I have so much planned for this cycle lol... I'm putting SO on the sperm I prove and going on vits myself... I'm also gonna start exercising on Monday and taking better care of myself (I am at a healthy weight and everything I just feel I could do better)... I am also officially starting my business this weekend... I started doing invitations (the online ones that you send out via whatsapp or messanger) and I started creating my Facebook page and setting up my accounts which is exciting !! Just figured having something on the side could help with saving up for my ttc stuff as well as our future baby

5 years ago • Post starter

@ scuba....looking good. I hope this cycle is yours.
@Anna I’m sorry this wasn’t it, but I’m happy that you are doing well and have next cycle already mapped out. All the best to you.
My update is I’m CD12. Not tracking, temps or have not done any opk. I started the gym a week ago and did increase my water intake. Im BD every other day and will do every day for a few days starting Monday. I’ve been enjoying wine and totally relaxed. Hope I could keep this momentum up during the TWW.
All the best to everyone


5 years ago

Buy it.

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5 years ago • Edited

Hi everyone! I'm back from my disappearance!!!!

Just wanted to give everyone an update and let everyone know what I did differently for the last 2 cycles. Btw, I'm pregnant!! Got my this week! :)

So, I went to a new OB and so thankful he accepted me as his patient. He is highly spoken of and I am considered a high risk patient because I had neonatal death in Jan 2018. :(

Long story short, he asked me to throw out all my ovulation tracker, tempt tracker, OPK, etc. Not to look for signs and symptoms as it creates more stress. He thinks I'm very fertile but not getting pregnant due to stress from obsessing over TTC. His recommendations for ME was to have date nights, have some wine and carry on with day to day life. Also said I should be pregnant by our next meeting which will be April 2nd. We officially TTC since Sept 2018.

I've been sleeping early and waking up early.

Oh, we BD every 2-3 days. (We did this since Sept so no changes to BD). :)
Hope this helps. Good luck everyone!!!

5 years ago • Edited

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