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March/April TT 2020 babies

Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

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First I want to say good luck to all waiting to O, and also those who are waiting for a bfp. And hopefully all expecting mamas are doing ok. I'm here in the background reading, but haven't got much to report.. No idea which cd I'm at and actually like it that way. Guessing O are coming up in a few days, 'cause now I'm starting to feel that familiar O-pain. I guess my body doesn't like it when I try "fertility supplements", because most of the time my ovulation pain are either a lot less noticable or completely goes away when I take those supplements. Now I'm only taking the prenatal ones and my O-pains are back.

Even if I don't count my cycle days, I still like to at least know when af is expected. So I'm trying to draw some linogonberry to make stickers out of and put in my calender. I don't know all the nicknames that af has where you all are from, but here one of those nicknames are "Lingonveckan", or Lingonberry week if I translate it directly. Hence the lingonberry stickers.

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5 years ago

Cd6 or almost cd7 in 11 minutes. Cycle has been unusual so far... lighter than I thought it'd be after using progesterone suppositories during my last tww. Hoping we get our break this cycle. Would be due around beginning of April if we get pregnant this time around.

Good luck everyone!

5 years ago

I’m supposed to be about 9 weeks tomorrow from lmp but I think I’ll be less than that because I ovulated later, I’ve finally booked in to see a midwife at the end of the week who will send off for me to get an appointment for a scan, I’m not sure if I’ll be due end of January or early Feb,

Scuba I really hope this will be your cycle x

5 years ago

Hello ladies...
@ Emma that’s nice to hear you have an appointment. I know it must be exciting.
Scuba I’m rooting for you as well.
Good luck to all ladies For this cycle.
AFM I Should be 7 weeks yesterday based on when I think I ovulated. I had a doctors appointment a few weeks where pregnancy was confirmed. I have a First Trimester appointment and dating scan next Monday when I should be 8 weeks. Will keep you all updated.


5 years ago

Aww thanks ladies! I'm trying not to symptom spot but my breasts really hurt today. I must say the Progesterone suppositories have definitely improved my post ovulation symptoms and hot flushes. Maybe my Progesterone levels have been really low?? Anyway we've agreed to see what testing brings this week then see how much another cycle of timed intercourse will cost us before we make a final decision on the next steps. xx

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5 years ago

@Emma and Bimini looking forward to hearing more good news from both of you after your first appointment. Hope you're feeling ok. I know first trimester is rarely a breeze
@scuba I really have high hopes for you this cycle too! Really hoping this will be it. When can you start testing?
@crams Good luck to you!
I'm CD 8 and AF was shorter than usual which was a nice break. My husband is leaving on business trip tomorrow for 4 days so I'm really hoping I don't O early again! I used to O on CD 15 before my MC but last cycle it was on CD 10. I'll be CD 12 when he comes back so hopefully my cycles are getting back to a more normal pattern. My OPK this morning was very negative so that's encouraging I guess!

5 years ago

@agatch I tested this morning and stark white but I'm only approx 10dpo. Official test day is Wednesday / Thursday. I hope you manage to time your O with hubby's return xx

Pic of my bfn.

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5 years ago

Hello ladies! I’ll jump in to this board as well!
CD5 here today and AF is ready to leave! Even though that hubbys supplements maybe could work from now on, I’m not very optimistic for this cycle since last cycle I Ovulated from my good side and probably this month I’ll ovulate from my blocked one. Of course I can never know for sure! Hope is always there and I’ll definitely try my best once more!
Fingers crossed for everyone who’s waiting to test and good luck to all of us waiting for O!
To all the pregnant ladies in here, keep us posted and please share all your exiting updates! It gives so much hope

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5 years ago

I'll jump over to this thread too.

@scuba - will keep my fingers crossed for you.

AFM, I'm either 13 dpo or 15 dpo. Since I've been spotting for 2 days now I'm more likely 15 dpo. Still no af, but I'm pretty sure it will arrive during the day. I still get the same shadowy line that has been there for days now. So definitely evaps..

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5 years ago

@Alex Hopefully you will still ovulated from your good side this month. And i agree with you. Pregnant ladies keep us updated.

@scuba also rooting for you. Fingers crossed.

@agatch hopefully your hubby will be back on time.

@crams fingers crossed as well

@Jesica i heard that lighting croch is a good pregnancy sign but i have never experienced it even when i was pregnant but hopefully it turns out positive.

@Anna thank you for the new group.

AFM this move is getting the best of us. We fight a lot and are fighting more. But we do reconcile and are having more sex this cycle than last at least. I have been bad at taking my pills and following keto bc im so distracted and we are still at the hotel and have not moved in our rental yet. But im staying hopeful for everyone and praying.

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5 years ago

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