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March/April TT 2020 babies

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Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

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Hello Alex,

I'm well. Sorry @Scuba. I'm just busy trying to get city permit for our things to arrive here. We had to reschedule already once. No sign of AF for me or pregnancy. I think this is another annovulatory cycle. I'm waiting for my new health insurance papers to find a doc. How are you?

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4 years ago

5 dpo here and not much to report. I saw a friend who is 8 months pregnant with her second this minute and she was telling me it took them 2 years to conceive and she had 2 MCs before she finally got pregnant with her rainbow baby right before starting fertility treatment. It was encouraging to know it can still happen after all those hurdles.
@Lalou hope you can get all your things delivered soon.
@Alex hope you are enjoying a well-deserved break from work
to all!

4 years ago

Thank you @agatch I hope so too. I am having insomnia about it all. I am thinking about taking provera to bring AF and start taking vitex. I have found the clinic that I would like to get a new Dr. At but I am waiting on my new healthcare paperwork.

Where is everyone at or doing?

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4 years ago

Hey everyone!

Congratulations @Amylove
Good luck to awaiting O and in TWW

Well AF only finished for me on Sunday and my digital OPK has been showing me in high fertility since Wednesday, so I'm just testing daily to see when peak fertility appears and BD'ing regularly. The fact that I'm fertile very early this cycle kind of further confirms my suspicions of having had a chemical last month!
Fingers crossed it sticks this month

4 years ago

CD 2 for me. Here is to April 2020


4 years ago

Hello ladies!!

Lalou Hopefully you’ll find a good doctor who cares and support you the right way on this! Really hope your cycle will start or maybe you’ll be getting a late bfp? Fingers crossed!

Agatch Not quite relaxed yet, still managing with things for work preparing for the new season but I believe next week will be better and I’ll actually start to enjoy my vacations!! I’m crossing my fingers for you that you’ll be getting 2 beautiful lines in a few days!!

Burkette and pandorica seems like O is around the corner for you ladies! Good luck this cycle. Hopefully it will be a lucky one!

Millbarnett So sorry AF came! Hang in there and keep the faith! I’m sure your baby is on its way

AFM I’m 4dpo and all about pms started way too earlY this cycle. I enjoyed couple of months with minimum or none symptoms but this cycle oh boy! I got it ALL and got it bad.. cramps, sensitive nipples, tender and achy breasts, acne breakouts. Nothing unusual though. It’s kinda normal for me, I just got used to it not having it lately!

Have a great weekend everyone

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4 years ago

Have a great weekend guys @mill a new cycle is a new chance to have a baby cheers to April 2020 a lot of family members are born in April including my mother her brother my 1st brother....
@Alex I think it is also because you were really stressed and the hormones picked up on that. It is crazy how women s bodies have a direct correlation between our mental health and hormones.
@Pandorica and Burkette have fun bd

AFM yesterday was full of emotions with my DH. We fought and cried together. We had to borrow some money from family members abt $4000because we did not budget well at least not enough for all the extra fees we have had to deal with. To apologize DH surprised me with a beautiful vase and red roses a love card and some milk chocolate. It was very sweet and so romantic. We talked and feel much better. Our issues reside in having extreme amount of stress and also not taking care of our individual spiritual health's. Having balance in all aspects of our lives is so important. And well like it was not enough the people that were supposed to help us yesterday never came they made up some excuse and now I am trying to find some other people to help us unload bc they are not even sure they will be able to help us today. ????
I am reminding myself to breathe calmly and to keep the faith.

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4 years ago

Cd20. Past 6 or 7 days ewcm. Bd'd 6/30, 7/3, and 7/5. DH had to go to work today...but my opt is getting lots darker compared to yesterday. Not quite positive yet, but will test every few hrs today lol Trying to figure out what night to have him come home to increase our chances this cycle. Any ideas?

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4 years ago • Edited

@crams When opk is that code to being positive for me, I usually get a positive one within a few hours and it stays positive for about 12 hours and then I O 24 to 36 hours after the first positive opk I get. I know everyone is a bit different though. I’d say tonight and tomorrow night would be your best bets. Good luck! Hope you catch that egg!
@Lalou stressful times are always hard on relationships but it sounds like you guys are managing things as best as anyone could! I hope things get easier soon for you guys
@Alex I hate those months when PMS starts super early! Have you been drinking any/ more coffee with all the stress and long hours you were working by any chance? That always makes it much worse for me. I hope you feel better soon. And also anything out of the ordinary can be a good sign. My 2nd pregnancy I turned into a crazy witch for a day around 6 dpo (like PMS on steroids) and then was ok and got a BFP at 9 dpo
I’m 7 dpo and nothing to do but wait at this point. Just came back home from our short trip so now the desire to test has gone up a notch already... I’m sure I’ll start testing tomorrow or Monday because i have no will power when it comes to testing and I rarely even try to fight it!

4 years ago • Edited

@Agatch good luck to you! I always test early too lol

Just had to go brush my teeth so decided to take a pregmate and easy@home opt. Pregmate looks positive and easy@home almost there. DH didn't come home Saturday night but will on Sunday night after work. We talked about it and since bd'd around 11 pm on Friday night we'd be ok in waiting *hopefully* until Sunday night since no positive test when I talked to him. that we are doing better timing this cycle.

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4 years ago

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