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March/April TT 2020 babies

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Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

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@Alex that little vacation sounds amazing! The day I got my first very faint line a few weeks ago, I had just dreamt I was getting a BFP as well. ????for the same outcome for you but in the meantime I hope you have a fabulous few days away!
@kait sorry to hear you started spotting. Summer is not over though! I have a good feeling about you and Alex getting BFPs this summer!! I think you’re right about IB. I personally only experienced it once and it was the cycle I had a chemical but for my 4 other pregnancies (including the MC) I didn’t have IB.
@Lalou glad to hear you and your family will be supporting each other to achieve your health goals. Wishing you a lot Of success!
I’m feeling tired and moody but otherwise really good. First appointment and scan scheduled for August 15.

4 years ago

Ladies I am still hopeful for all of you!!! I feel like Alex and Kait should be seeing your positives soon!!!!

AFM: spotting started yesterday at 9 dpo. That is a little early for me but oh well. Usually spotting doesn’t start till 11-12 dpo. It is already getting a bit heavier today at 10dpo, so pretty sure AF is here. On to another month!!

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4 years ago

Morning ladies, new post created

Just an update this side: My bed has been booked for the 20th of november (elective C section) and our baby girl's name is Mijané (pronounced mia (mee-ah) na (like watch me nay nay lol)) it's an afrikaans name... So we have a date, we have a name and the nursery is about 90% done and should be 100% within the next month or so...

I actually broke down the other day and cried my eyes out because if I look at how happy me and SO is now and prepared and getting everything ready it just breaks my heart that we had to go through all that pain to get here... Like why couldn't the first one work out I would have been so happy and prepared as well but it didnt and I learned to be okay with it now I just didnt get it the other day...

4 years ago • Post starter

@agatch and Shay thank you! I'm trying to stay hopeful, but every time AF shows up I'm sad longer than I was the month before. I have an appt in September for my annual and to talk about starting Clomid. However, DH is STILL pending to do his SA so we'll see. He said he was going to set it up now that we've had a couple of cycles since the polyp removal but I'm definitely not holding my breath.

4 years ago

Aww Anna, sorry to hear you get upset, But you are both finally here and your going to be amazing, can I ask why you have a section booked ? Either way you are all set and know for definite that your little lady has her birthday xx

4 years ago

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