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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Agatch thank you. Happy a new cycle has now started for you. So levels should be down. All the best to you. We all inspire each other. I find strength in all of you.


1 year ago

This has to be a false positive right? It was there in the timeframe though. I googled it and this brand is really sensitive and not known for giving evaps. Maybe I ovulated sooner than I thought?

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1 year ago

Jessica it looks positive to me x

1 year ago

Thanks guys, I’m trying not to think about it tbh, I had a baby dip on the day after so I think I implanted just afterwards x

1 year ago

Could 7 days (I just went back and looked) of almost positive OPKs been actually picking up pregnancy hormones? I got one again today! I'm just confused why I'd be getting a positive now?

1 year ago • Edited

Yes @jessica they do pick up hcg, I did one for fun as I’m pregnant and it came up crazy blazing straight away, your definitely not 3dpo for a hpt to pick it up though as you wouldn’t have implanted at 3dpo, your likely to be 9dpo upwards,

1 year ago

It was after a pretty good hold because I was trying to get my kids to bed and didn't have a chance to go

I googled it and this brand, Accumed, doesn't seem to have a problem with false positives and they are pretty sensitive.

I'll keep testing but I don't think I'll believe it until they get a bit darker and/or I get a positive on a digital

1 year ago

I was the same, I got a positive on a clear blue digital at 10dpo so I believed it, good luck x

1 year ago

Morning ladies! At least is morning in my part of the world lol

Agatch so glad that your cycles are back! As you said fresh start is everything you need at this point!
Jessica I can see the line. If I were you I would definitely do some more tests and if all positive I would go for a blood test!
Mama good luck this cycle!
Congrats on all the bfps! Enjoy your pregnancy ladies as it is now! Try not to stress too much as there is nothing you can do at this point! A calm mind is the best solution to everything!!
For everyone who’s is waiting O, let’s do this girls! Let’s catch that egg

CD8 here and last nigh the O pains started as usual at this point of my cycle. CD12 I’m expecting O and I already began my BDing schedule. Nothing really much to say other than I’m not feeling my best but I’m trying to stay positive!

Looking forward to see many bfps this cycle!

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1 year ago

Jessica, I see that line! I bet you just O'd earlier like you said! Let us know when you test again.

1 year ago

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