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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Emma I remember each pregnancy feeling just like that! There sure is a lot of stretching and cramping that nobody really tells you about! I forget, is this your first?

1 year ago

@agatch it still looks the same as yesterday only 2 blisters and a red patch so I dunno lol I cleaned it and wrapped it... Didnt go to the doctor as SO is working night shift so have to rush home in the afternoon to see him off... I'll let it go over the weekend and see on Monday...

@Alex aww your SO will make me cry !! I'm really hoping for some good news from you soon we need a baby in you !! The nausea is completely gone (thank you trimester 2 lol)... No symptoms to update on I got heartburn 2 days during the week and I thought it was the start of it but havent had it since so I'm guessing I'm good lol

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

1 year ago • Post starter

AF just showed. At least I know I ovulated with the opks and didn't have to go forever on an AO cycle, but we BD'd on all the right days so I'm bummed. Debating going back to not tracking and just giving it up to what's meant to be, but I also want to keep trying our hardest so I don't have to decide if I want to start clomid in September.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We can do this.

1 year ago

Hello everyone,

Congrats @Jessica and all the BFPs.

@Emma I know the feeling. I was so crazy during my 1st trimester. I was not sleeping at night. They really don t tell about all the cramping and stretching at the beg. And I don t know why between the 1st ultrasound and 2nd ultrasound there is like 7weeks of difference. It was so annoying. And I did not have money for private scans. Anyway try to relax and do some other stuff like read to baby, or flipping pages for room decoration or knit something.

@Alex I also hope you will ha e your BFP soon.
@Kait Af showing on its own is a good sign that you are ovulating.

@Ana i am glad that you are alright. Please find some natural remedies for your arm.

AFM i heard from the Dr. Finally. My results came normal. They don t know why my cycles are crazy and why i might be not ovulating at all. But I do have Hashimoto and PCOS. My ultrasound did showed multiple mini follicles and last time they check my thyroid levels they were fine. Anyway, Dr. Want me to start clomid on cd3 of my next cycle and monitored me and have me having another ultrasound on cd21 . The problem is i am moving in 2weeks to another state so I won t be able to continue the treatment with her. So that is where I am right now. I asked the nurse to send her a message about sending me a prescription of clomid so I can try it on my own but I have not had any answer yet. I have taken it before and it was fine. Although I did not conceived with it i think it contributed to make me ovulate more often. Same with Femara I tried it but it did not worked for me.

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1 year ago

Jessica Yes, he is on the supplements 3 weeks now. Dr said it probably will need 3 months to work!
Have you planned a surprise announcement for your BF? I always find this so interesting!

Emma I know I’m not the most experienced person and maybe not the right one to say this since I’ve never been in this position and I’ll probably be the same if I ever get pregnant but please try not to stress too much and enjoy this pregnancy. You have two weeks till your appointment and is not on your hand to change anything! Sending positive vibes your way

Anna I agree!! We need a baby in me lol I really wish it could be this cycle!!!!
So happy that you’re at a calm phase of your pregnancy! Do you have a bump already?

Kait AF always sucks but at least you know you ovulated! If you’re not sure if you’re Oing or not maybe keep tracking is a good idea. Just to have a pattern to refer to for future planning. At least that’s how I see it!! Good luck this cycle girl!

Lalou Hopefully the clomid will help conceiving in the first cycle of trying it and you won’t need to continue the treatment with her!! Also good luck with moving! I know how hard all this process can be!

AFM CD11 today and if everything goes normal I’m ovulating tomorrow! So yea the dreadful TWW is coming lol I’m in a lot of better mood today and I’m going back to my optimistic self again which makes me so happy! Pathetic me is not my favorite lol anyways... have a nice weekend everyone!! Hugs

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1 year ago

@lalou you are definitely right. I at least know that I did O with the second round of even darker opks since the timing lines up. I'm a little disappointed that my LP didn't get any longer with the polyp gone. That's tough that they aren't sure what's going on and then you have to switch docs on top of it. Ovulating more often couldn't be a bad thing though right? My OB is thinking about starting me on clomid too to at least shorten my cycles. I hope it works for you!

@alex I am thinking about tracking just to see if anything if anything changes with my cycles now that the polyp is gone. But last summer when we weren't trying, my cycles had this perfect pattern of 30, 32, 30, 34, 30, 32 and the only difference is really that we're trying now. I was kind of thinking that not tracking might help me not stress which could be part of my problem. So I'm torn and I don't know which way to try it. I like having the information that tracking provides, but I also think just BDing every 2 to 3 days for my whole cycle might be easier mentally. I'm glad you are back to normal. Only a couple of months before those supplements take full effect!

1 year ago

Hi Jessica no not my first but every pregnancy has been different, and I’m super anxious after my early loss in February xx

1 year ago

I get that Emma! All 3 of mine were very different!

I'm starting to think that test wasn't super accurate. I'm not getting much on a FRER but I did get this on a dollar store one. I had to tweak it a bit though. I'm not too upset because I figured it was way too early for a positive! I'll just keep testing until AF shows. I don't think she will though. My boobs say otherwise lol.

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1 year ago

Hi everyone!

Joining in with hopes this is finally our month. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in February via laparoscopy, also had HSG & hysteroscopy. We were told that the 6 months following would be the best time for us to get pregnant. We didn’t BD until a month post lap and really didn’t consider ourselves TTC again until April.

LMP was 5/13. I’m currently 3 DPO and while I know it’s extremely early, I have noticed some “symptoms”

2 DPO - woke up with what felt like a cold, sore nipples, twinges on left side at night, creamy CM

3 DPO - still feeling like I have a cold (stuffy nose, head feels congested, coughing, sneezing a lot), sore nipples, body feels really hot (body temp is elevated), tired, bloated.

Will continue to update


1 year ago • Edited

Hi ladies! I’m just hoppin on to say hi and talk to some women in the same boat! My husband and I have been TTC since April of ‘18, I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies within that time, and am just really hoping this will FINALLY be the month for us, though, today I’m 11 dpo and am starting to cramp a little, so, I’m trying not to get my hopes up since that’s always how AF announces her arrival :( Anyway, baby dust for all!!

1 year ago

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