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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Jessica I have high hopes for you this cycle! Hopefully your mood swings are pregnancy related!

Agatch Yea that opk is looking definitely positive! Hopefully this is it and we’ll be cycle buddies even thought you have higher chances than me!!! What cycle day do you usually ovulate?

Pandorica One day is like you’re already there!!!! Hang in there tomorrow you’ll be telling us how better you feel And now that O is around the corner is perfect timing!!! Good luck this cycle

AFM my temps got higher today so I definitely ovulated yesterday! I’m curious to see if my LP will be the same and my cycle goes longer. I’m not used to O later so we’ll see! Of course hopefully my cycle will be super long to the point AF will never come Two week wait I’m hoooome!!!!

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1 year ago

Good luck to all you ladies in the O stage!!

And to all of those in the two week wait, I'm keeping everything crossed for you all

I'm currently waiting on O! I'm using the clear blue connected kit this month as I really wanted to just take the guesswork out of it, so it will tell me when I'm fertile and then it will tell me when I'm ovulating! Just waiting for that smiley face

1 year ago

Hi everyone, sorry for the total radio silence but I needed some time out. Congratulations @lalou for passing your exam and sounds like a wonderful birthday!

Afm - finally seen the gynae after all test results came back. She has advised that the only chance of another baby is through ivf which we cannot afford. So we are going to just keep trying naturally and hopefully it will happen on its own. She also recommended the hsg dye test just to confirm the tubes are clear since I had an ectopic before my daughter. Then we'll know for definite if there's even a remote chance of conceiving naturally. After this next cycle I won't be tracking any more. xx

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1 year ago

Hey ladies! I commented last week, hoping that I’d be having an early February baby, but, I’m out now :(...AF showed today after 37 days. Ugh...Fingers crossed and praying that I’ll have a March baby! Baby dust to all of you!!!

1 year ago

Sorry AF came kgirl! Good luck next cycle!

Welcome back Scuba. Sorry you didn't get better news! I hope the dye tests shows something that can be fixed. I've heard a lot of people get pregnant the month following those because it helps clear the tube, so to speak!

AFM, still not getting much on tests. I am in a bit better mood today, just super tired. My 4 year old randomly asked me if there was a baby in my belly. When I was pregnant with her, her brother said the same thing about a week before I found out. Let's hope she has the same ESP her brother did Here's the test I took this morning.

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1 year ago

Hi ladies...welcome to all the new persons in the group.
@ Anna that bump is too cute. No worries about size. You will be thankful when you’re postpartum that you gained modestly.
@Scuba welcome back darling. I wish the news was more positive. I still believe in miracles and God blessing us when doctors/man say it’s impossible. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
AFM I had a doctors visit and pregnancy was confirmed. I go back in 4 weeks for dating and first trimester ultrasound. I feel good. No symptoms still.
to all TTC.


1 year ago

CD 1 for me... Scuba, I truly think it may just take some time, but I think you will have another baby. Dont give up tracking all together. Just watch the signs your body shows you. And maybe use an opk? Having a Feb baby wasnt my dream due date anyway! I want a spring or fall baby! Haha, but I'll take what I get!


1 year ago

@Millbarnet sorry AF showed up. March is spring so for this cycle!
@Jessica i’ve heard so many story of moms finding out they were pregnant when their toddlers asked about it. Little ones are so intuitive
@scuba good to hear from you but i’m Really sorry about what the doctor told you. Do you think you could benefit from a second opinion? I’ve seen so many people getting a very pessimistic diagnosis and getting a completely different story from a second opinion. Don’t give up on your body yet. It can do amazing things!!
@Bimini that’s exciting. Hope things contouring go smoothly for you
@Alex I usually O on CD 15. My temp was pretty high this morning and my opk were negative last night and this morning so the positive one I got yesterday afternoon may have been right at the end of my surge (I used to get a positive opk for about 12 hours between 24 and 12 hours before O). I guess we’ll see if temps stays high but I actually hope I didn’t O yesterday because if that’s the case my chances for this month are very low. We were only able to BD this morning but not yesterday (DH came home late and was exhausted ) and I was still with AF the days before that. So I’m hoping I didn’t actually O and I will get another LH surge in a few days.

1 year ago

Burkette Good luck! Go catch that egg!!!

Scuba Hi! Glad to see you again, I was thinking about how you doing since I remember you weren’t on your best mood last time I’ve seen you in here. I’m so sorry doctor gave you such bad news but I don’t quite believe that IVF is your only option. I don’t know how things work were you live but here in Greece doctors are known for wanting to have more money so they usually pushing you to the most expensive “treatment” in order to gain more. I hope this is not the case for you but I heard so many times that a second opinions as Agatch said, is frequently totally different. Please consider it. You already had one child and I can not believe that your body cannot do it again! I’m sure you’ll be pregnant naturally babe! Keep trying and please think about taking another opinion!!

Kgirl and millbarnett CD1 is always the worst in so many ways! Stay strong ladies. Take some time off let your body do its thing and get back to business

Jessica Those kinds of little signs are always so interesting! I remember when Anna got her bfp, days before she had a mini pepper inside her ball pepper!! I really really wish your little ones prediction to come true! Can’t wait!

Bimini so glad everything is well with you and your pregnancy. No symptoms is always a good thing as I heard so many times how awful first trimester can be! Hope you’ll have an easy pregnancy!!

Agatch how frustrating. A positive opk one day after period. Really hope this wasn’t a real one and you’ll get your surge in the next few days! If not hopefully your egg was a super healthy one and stayed in there for long enough for the little swimmers to reach!! Fingers crossed girl!!

AFM Not much here 2dpo and now just waiting. I think I won’t test till I miss my period since is too soon for hubbys supplements to have kicked in. But of course I’m not promising anything since I know I usually get crazy around 10dpo lol we’ll see...

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1 year ago

Thank you everyone xxx I did say to my hubby if he thought she said that just so I'd pay for ivf but he said she wouldn't do that. Then I looked up my levels and age was right. I'm 2.56 which says low. But we will just keep trying naturally and hopefully it will happen xx

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1 year ago

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