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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Thank you Bimini, good luck with your test tonight x

2 years ago

Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement and support! It really means a lot to me and I truly felt so much better after reading all your responses.

Emma I’m so happy that everything goes well! I can’t wait to see all the updates. Please keep us posted!

Agatch Hopefully you’ll be back to normal cycles after this one. How are you feeling? I don’t mean your body.. I mean how are YOU feeling?

Bimini fingers crossed that you returned with a little gift!!!!

Jessica Good luck girl! Let’s hope you’ll see another second line in few days!!

Mama hugs hun! A new cycle is always so sad but also a new chance for creating something amazing!!! You’ve got this!!

I saw a dream last night which felt sooooo long like I was watching it all night long. I was pregnant (of course lol) and I had so many and tiring symptoms. Nausea was the worst to the point I couldn’t work and I didn’t want my adult students to know before the end of first trimester... I woke up so disappointed. No matter how bad the symptoms looked, I really wish this was true... I want like everyone else to feel what is like to grow a human.. I want to be a mom before I’m too old to have energy for a baby... I don’t wanna grow old alone with my hubby without us having create something together....
I’m so sorry guys for being so pathetic. I’m not seeking for attention I promise.. is just only here I can express everything I feel without being judged...

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2 years ago

Oh Alex, I really hope you become a mum soon , so sorry your dreams are teasing you, as always hugs and keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

2 years ago

Hey girls. Today is the last day of my LP. Af isn't here yet but she will be soon. I tested this morning and got a bfn. Starting this week we have appointments with the re we have been seeing and a new re next week. Hoping to get a treatment plan as we haven't been successful so far in 8 months (2 bfps and two losses). Wishing everyone good luck for this next cycle!

2 years ago

Hello everyone,

Coming back home from our short trip.. We finally announced to our friends about our move. We had a fun pool party. My bro finally send the pics of his baby. He was such a beautiful baby. Full term. Big. They buried him. I have tears in my eyes just talking about it. Taking for your words. He is a beautiful angel now. Thank you again so much for your support.
@Lissa i hope that you guys will have a set plan soon. I am also very sorry for your losses. Losing a child is devastating. I can t imagine your pain. Stay brave

@Alex stay strong mama. Praying that you will also get your baby soon.. I also understand what you are going through. To everyone else stay strong and brave.

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2 years ago

@agatch I like clincalguard too. Amazon sells MediTesti too and those are the opks that I use.

@lalou I'm so sorry to hear that. Do they know what happened? That is so heartbreaking to go all that time and then have something happen at the very end.

I have been super busy with spring time cleanup and hosting a memorial day party. CD37 and I'm thinking 7dpo. Either O was super late or I didn't O at all. Got to hold the cutest chunky 8 month old at the party yesterday and people kept saying oh you look good with a baby and "time is a wastin'". I smiled, but holy jeez I wanted to be snarky to that last one and say "actually I already had a miscarriage and we've been trying again since August."

2 years ago

Hi ladies! Hope you don't mind me jumping on this thread. I just need some advice really

This is my first month TTC, it was a half hearted attempt because my smear test was due right in the middle of when my fertile window was supposed to be, and so we had to wait until that was done before starting to try. And then I was away for a week right after I should have had my fertile window. This is all presuming that I actually ovulated around when the app says I should - but I know they're not completely reliable.

I am now 8 days late! I had mild cramping for about 10 days after my fertile window. I've had no spotting at all! But now I'm exhausted (not unusual for me), I get random waves of nausea, my boobs are tender to touch, my back is hurting (also not unusual for me - could be due to work), and I'm getting the odd dull ache in my lower abdomen. I'm also peeing more frequently and want to eat all the time!! I never get any PMS symptoms, just awful cramps as I come on.

I have done quite a few HPT's and all have been negative.

I don't know what to think, but it's driving me crazy! Also just to add, I have never been this late! I am now cycle day 38, the latest I've ever been is cycle day 35, but I'm normally regular between 27-31 days.

Can anybody shed any light? Or offer any advice? Thanks in advance

2 years ago

@Alex thanks for asking. I’m doing pretty well for the most part. The first 2-3 weeks were really hard and then I started feeling better. Today I’m a little angry. I think it is mostly due to hormones though. I’m just mad that I would have been almost 15 weeks pregnant but instead I’m dealing with PMS. I’m sorry you felt sad when you woke up from your dream. I know it’s hard but think about what you experienced in that dream as something to look forward to. It will happen for you!
@Burkette I understand how frustrating that can be. I’m not sure what is going on with your cycle but I know that even the most regular cycles sometimes get out of whack and things can get delayed. You’re not out until AF shows up but with negative tests at this point chances are you either ovulated much later than usual (which means you still have a chance) or you may not have ovulated this cycle. Hope you get answers soon
@kait Ugh! People can be so insensitive sometimes! Sorry you had to deal with that. I’ll check out the Meditesti. I wanted to get opk for this next cycle anyway. Thanks for the recommendation!

2 years ago

@agatch glad to help! It's one of the only brands that I can get a decent line on. For whatever reason, other brands are always super light for me. I know people mean well or are trying to encourage us to have kids, but they don't understand that telling me the clock is ticking is putting even more pressure on this process. I'm already starting to panic because both of my parents are turning 70 this year and I want them to be around long enough for my kids to know them and appreciate them. I keep beating myself for not deciding to just go for it after my unexpected first pregnancy.

2 years ago

Kait I’m so sorry for those people who don’t know what to say. You will have your baby soon.
Agatch sorry about all you’ve been through. It will happen for you very soon with no complications.
Burkette welcome. I hope you get some answers soon and it’s a BFP. I’m thinking your O date was later than you think. So just too soon for a positive test.
Alex I hope that dream is a sign and you get your BFP.
AFM I did test and I got I’ll attempt to post pics as I never posted pictures before. I’m praying baby not only sticks but is a full term live birth as I had a still birth at 25 weeks in November.
to all waiting on their BFP I believe it will happen soon and I’ll keep you all in my prayers.


2 years ago • Edited

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