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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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I went to my GP this morning and she basically just told me to do nothing and to go back if I don't get a period in a month. Does anyone know if it's possible that I just skipped a period and my cycle could have restarted anyway?

I hate this! I feel like I can't get anything done not knowing one way or another xxx

3 years ago

Burkette I’ve gone a couple of months with no period, I have irregular cycles and the doctors just don’t know why, I’ve been tested for alsorts and nothing ever comes up, keep tracking and see what happens, it’s really frustrating but it will happen for you

3 years ago

@Bimini - Big congrats!

As for me, I'm currently cd 5 and waiting for af to be gone. Right now I'm studying so hard it usually ends up with a headache. We have our last course for the semester and have to write two "scientific reports" that involves the two week "field study" at a health care organisation (which some of us didn't manage to find). It's no walk in the park, that's for sure! So I'm really looking forward to summer break, and hopefully I pass on those reports and don't have to do them again.. Am also hoping this summer will bring some relaxation and hopefully a bfp.

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3 years ago

Hello everyone,
@Birmini yay!!! Really happy for you.

@Kait idk what happens. My bro did not tell us. I think at this point they just want to mourn him and not having people asking what happened? It is not really going to bring their son back. Im just like you. I asked the same question. But they don t want to talk abt it so im respecting their decision. Im sorry that people were so insensitive. That really sucks. Also to tell you that clock is ticking like you are not aware of it or something

@agatch im sorry again for what happened to you. Stay busy and hopefully you will have your bfp soon.

@Burkette welcome. The unknown is worse than anything. But i will say like the others you probably ovulated lated. Wait another week and test again. Also you have the right to a 2nd opinion. Maybe find a different doctor.

@Pandorica study hard and hopefully we will both pass our exams and be done for a while.

AFM nothing about my cycle. Im quite sure I had another annovulatory cycle. Although I had more cm this month maybe due to my effort eating less carbs and more veggies. Either I messed a bit on my keto this weekend but not too bad. My mum actually did not criticized my weight I think she could see that Im starting to lose. I received a great support. I got a new pair of walking sandals and a beautiful teacher s bag. Thank you mama. Stay positive everyone. Have a wonderful week in advance.

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3 years ago

So today is cycle day 2 after a very confusing last cycle. I spoke with my OB today and we have decided to try with Metformin again! I’m super excited and hoping it works again this time around. I was on Metformin when I conceived my first born and it took us about a month once I started taking it good luck ladies here’s to for us ladies this month!

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3 years ago

Little update for me, I’m just over 5 weeks or 17dpo by ovulation, I’ve booked a early reassurance scan for 2 weeks this Friday so hopefully be near 8 weeks gone, I’m in such a state atm, 4 days before I tested I’d had x-rays and a injection into my hip (I have hip dysplasia) and although I tested early(10dpo) so I know a test on the day I was at hospital would have been negative I’m still panicking there’s going to something wrong. Hospital weren’t very helpful either when I rang them between moving house and the countdown to this scan I think I’m going to be a wreck haha , wishing you all good luck ladies xx

3 years ago

Thank you all for your advice and well wishes! AF has arrived today, 9 days late! I'm kind of relieved that I've finally got an answer. Although feel like my cycles are completely unpredictable now

I'm definitely using OPK's from now on so at least I know when to expect my period!

I really hope they're not going to be too all over the place! My hubby is in the army and goes away for 4ish months in August. If my cycles go back to normal from me, it gives us 3 more cycles to try before he's due to go away

Congratulations @Bimini

3 years ago • Edited

Thanks Emma, Pan, Lalou and Burkette. I appreciate ladies. I’ll be staying here cheering everyone on. I hope to see a lot more BFP.


3 years ago

Hi Ladies, just wanted to drop in and say hello. You're in my thoughts everyday, and I will continue sending out positive vibes for you all. Have a great week!

3 years ago

@bimini congrats! I can't imagine dealing with a still birth at 25 weeks either. Lots and lots of hope sent your way for a sticky, healthy baby.

@lalou I totally understand and wouldn't want to talk about it either, I don't think. It just blows my mind, but then again, babies have problems even after birth sometimes too. Hopefully they can heal and are able to try again if they want to.

I'm just hanging out. CD 38 and no sign of AF. I did take a couple of tests just to make sure it was okay to drink, but they were negative and I'm guessing I won't know anything til Saturday. That's if I ovulated when I think I did.

3 years ago

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