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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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OMG so many bfps
@nasamama Congratulations!!!!!!
@Jessica I see a line too. Maybe you can try with digital? I have everything crossed for you
@crams i see a line too. Plz try testing with a pink dyes.
@Burkette thank you my dear. I feel great too. Mental and studying break lol. Plz start bd early. Do not wait until very strong +opk. You already have fertile cm so go for it.
@Agatch still hoping that you caught that egg. You have been so brave. Keep going.
@Emma morning sicknesses are excellent signs. Baby is definitely taking over now. I am so happy for you. Just few more weeks and hopefully 2nd trimester will be better.
AFM we went to say goodbye to my husband grandma. She was so happy to
see her great grandson. We had nice dinner and came back home with food and gifts. I feel so blessed. And i am so glad that my baby had some interaction with her. She never forgot my birthday since I started dating her grandson and she loves Egypt. I am glad that she now shares some blood with Egyptians being Africans through her great grandchild being half African through me. I am determined to work on my mindset to lose weight. Not having the Clomid is a bummer but hopefully by losing some weight my hormones will self regulate and we will have another baby.

Stay strong ladies.

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1 year ago • Edited

Ok finally jumping in. Had my 5th IUI yesterday, but I'm counting it as my fourth because the first one we didn't time right. I took a test just to see that pretty positive from the trigger shot. I really really hope it's my turn! Congrats to those of you that already got your BFPs!

1 year ago

Lalou more studying? Oh girl good luck seriously. You’re such a strong person. Being a mom, studying for exams while moving and trying to keep a healthy diet on a TTC journey! That’s a lot to handle but go girl! I’m so proud of you!! Keeping your diet healthy maybe will help with conception also!! Keep strong!!

Crams I see a shadow of a line! Keep testing and hopefully your line will be getting darker and darker. Just a suggestion.. try to test with a pink dye test since blue ones are notorious for false lines! Good luck

Jessica I see the line on both tests!!!!! Can’t wait to see them progressing

Burkette Good luck hun! Keep BDing and hopefully you’ll catch that egg!

Emma Hang in there mama! Your baby is growing Happy bday to your daughter! Keep us posted for the scan!

Nasa yup! Definitely a line there! Stick baby, stick!!!

Sister good luck! I hope this one will be the lucky one for you!!

4dpo here for me and everything is going as usual. Not much to report. Nothing different and tbh I don’t either have my normal after O symptoms. I wish days just could pass... ahhhhh

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1 year ago

Welcome to the new girls! Good luck! I hope your stay here is short and sweet!

Took another FRER and there was a line! Faint but there. I'm hoping it will get darker over the next few days. AF is now 2 days late. I think this might be it

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1 year ago

Awww @Alex you are so sweet. I am praying that this is your month.
@sister welcome mama fingers crossed as well.
Just packing, packing, packing........

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1 year ago

Jessica Yayy!! This is so exiting
Lalou You got this!!!!

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1 year ago

Jessica is it worth taking a digital test to get a definite answer?

Sisterbaby welcome! Eeek that's great news!

Alex I have everything crossed for you

I got my peak fertility on my opk today I'm trying not to get too stressed about it, but after my weird month last month I just wanted to know when I actually ovulate so I know if/when AF is late. We're just BD'ing regularly through the month anyway and trying not to put too much pressure on ourselves

1 year ago

I'm all out of tests so if I don't start AF I'll go buy more, including a digital. I've never been this late before! Well except when I was pregnant

1 year ago

Hey ladies
Hope all is well!
AFM: period is 3 days late tested yesterday will attach picture.
I think i see a faint line but i am not sure !

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1 year ago

Burkette It’s always so much better if you’re not forcing it! Glad you guys are not putting much pressure onto this! First thing doctors say is stop stressing about it!! Fingers crossed!

Jessica can’t wait to see “pregnant” on your digi!

Sam Absence of AF is always a good thing but I don’t trust those cheapies. I can surely see a shadow of a line but if I were you I would try and test with a more expensive brand. Good luck

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1 year ago

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